Why are the purposes for atomic bombs?

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The purposes of atomic bombs are now to ensure mutually assured destruction. So many countries have atomic bombs now that if they were to launch one they would be destroyed by someone else.
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What was the purpose of the atomic bomb?

Because human beings are greedy and selfish.They want more land,oil,wealth and power.They couldn't think of any other ways to live peacefully with each other.But on the other

What is the atom bombs purpose?

The atomic bomb creates a tremendous explosion that is more powerful than regular TNT bombs and one of the by products of the atomic reaction is radiation. Atomic and hydrogen

Purpose of bombing?

To destroy things easliy and quickly without head-to-head conflict. It is very effective and can devestate a city.

Was atom bomb made on purpose or by an accident?

The atom bomb was definitely made on purpose, and it required much effort to make it work. Splitting the atom is not the type of thing to be done accidentally. At the beginni

Where can you get an atomic bomb?

Access to nuclear weapons is strictly controlled. Unless you are a member of the military, you will not get one. Attempting to make one is more likely to kill you from radiati

What was Truman's purpose in deciding to drop the atomic bomb?

To end World War Two. If he didn't drop the bombs, the Allies wouldhave then invaded Japan. It would have cost over a million or moreAmerican lives, a similar number of Japane
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What was the difference in function and purpose between the impact fuse on the MK-III atomic bomb and the contact fuse on the MK-5 atomic bomb?

The Mk-III had radar and barometric fuzing, as it was intended tobe detonated as an air burst. However, since nuclear weapons wereso secret, the Mk-III (Fat Man) atomic bomb h
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What are in atomic bombs?

Fissile and/or fusible elements, chemical explosives to start the reaction, electronics to handle arming/disarming/firing, etc.
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How do you get a atomic bomb?

If you are an industrialized nation, spend about 4 years building up the specialized industrial infrastructure to extract/manufacture the required special nuclear materials. T