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Why are the seasons different in the northern and southern hemispheres?

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The Earth is tilted on its axis, and depending on the time of the year, either the northern or Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, while the other half must, of course, be tilted away.

In June, the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun. This makes the day longer and the Sun is higher in the sky, giving what sunlight hits the ground more intensity. This is summer.

At the same time, the Southern hemisphere is experiencing winter, with shorter days and the Sun lower in the sky, giving less intense sunlight.

When December comes, the situation is reversed, with winter in the Northern hemisphere and summer in the Southern.

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No. The seasons in the in the northern and the southern hemispheres are different due to the tilt of the earth.

-- Eastern and western hemispheres have the same seasons at the same time.-- Northern and southern hemispheres have the same seasons six months apart.

the seasons are usaully switched so if its summer in the northern its winter in the southern

Seasons are opposite in the northern and southern hemisheres.

Northern hemisphere - winter Southern hemisphere - summer

The Eastern and Southern hemispheres do not have opposite seasons. The Northern and Southern hemispheres have opposite seasons. That is because the Earth is tilted, so at some times of the year, one of those two hemispheres is nearer to the sun than the other, so it has different weather. Half of the Eastern hemisphere is in the Southern hemisphere, so they would have the same seasons, while the other half would have the same seasons as the Northern hemisphere.

Northern and Southern Hemisphere's have opposite seasons due the earth tilting.

No, different hemispheres get different seasons. Like for example if it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in the southern hemisphere.

The seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres are opposite. When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in the southern hemisphere.

The northern hemisphere will be in winter and the southern hemisphere will be in summer

The seasons are reversed between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Yes oposite if it is summer in the northern hemisphere than its winter in the southern hemisphere

The difference betweeen the northern and southern hemispheres is that the both hemispheres have opposite seasons. For example: In January the northern hemisphere is winter is is tilted away from the sun and it gets alot of less direct sunlight and in the southern hemisphere it's summer and it is tilted toward the sun.

Summer. The seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are all the same. The seasons are only different in the two different hemispheres.

Seasons are based on the distance to the sun, so the southern and northern hemispheres are the same distance from the sun, hence the same season.

Firstly,there's only one northern hemisphere. Secondly, it depends what month you're in right now. Lastly,all 4 seasons happen in both the northern and southern hemispheres. -Monicalovesu

March 21 marks the beginning of fall in the Southern hemisphere. Seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres are the exact opposites.

If it is winter in Australia, it is summer in the US. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres have opposite seasons.

It is like this because the Earths axis is tilted which effects the seasons in the hemispheres.

None. All year round, the seasons in the Northern and Southern hemisphere are different.

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