Why are the units of work and energy same?

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Work and Energy have the same unit because they are intimately related by the Work-Energy Theorem. This states that the Work done on an object moving from point A to point B is the difference in the Kinetic Energy it has at the two points. In simplified form it says that in order to do Work, you must use Energy; you can never do Work without using Energy, and so for convenience we give them the same unit. You didn't ask about Heat, but it really ought to be mentioned here, too; when you use Energy to do Work, some of the Energy usually gets converted to Heat by friction, so we can and do also use the same unit for Heat. Work and Energy and Heat are not the same thing, but they are inextricably related. By extension, the Theorem lets us define forms of Energy other than Kinetic Energy which enable us to do Work: Chemical Energy, Electrical Energy, Nuclear Energy, Gravitational Energy, etc. The SI unit of work or energy is Newton-meter (Nm). Another name for it is Joule (J). 1 joule is defined as the work done when a force of one newton acts over one metre of distance. 1 joule is also the amount of heat dissipated when a current of 1 ampere passes through a resistor of 1 ohm for 1 second (or 1 watt-second). Please use the following link to confirm the accuracy of the information presented here, or for more information.
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What is the unit for work?

Answer . In physics, work is a form of energy . The unit of energy in the SI system of units is the Joule . One Joule of energy is equal to the work done by a force of 1 Newton acting over a distance of 1 meter..

If matter and energy are the same thing and both have gravity does energy equal to a specified unit of matter have the same gravity or different?

They have the same gravitational effect.\n. \nThis was one of the major vindications of Einstein's theory. It turns out that the planet Mercury does not orbit as it "should" according to classical physics; astronomers thought that there must be an additional planet located inside the orbit of Mercu ( Full Answer )

What are the units of energy?

In the SI system the units are Joules. You can also use ftlbf (footpoundforce). For thermal energy use calories or BTU

Unit of energy?

The most common unit of energy in biology is calories. A calorie isa unit of energy, require to raise 1 kilogram of water to 4.1868joules.

Why are units of work and energy the same?

Work and Energy are analogous to Debt and Payment. If you owe me $1, you should pay me $1 to cancel your debt.. If work requires 1 J, then you must have the energy of 1 J to satisfy the work requirment, or the job is NOT DONE.

What is a unit of energy?

The smallest unit of energy usually measured is called the Erg . 1 erg is the amount of work done when a force of 1 dyne pushes through a distance of 1 centimeter. The SI standard unit of energy today is the joule . 1 joule is the amount of work done when a force of 1 newton pushes through ( Full Answer )

What is the units for energy?

The standard unit is the joule. Other older or specialized units are sometimes used, such as the calorie or the electron-volt.

English unit of work and energy?

-- foot-pound -- watt-second -- watt-hour -- kilowatt-hour -- horsepower-hour -- inch-pound SI unit: Joule

Why is the joule a unit of energy and a unit of work?

Because energy and work have the same 'dimensions', which is the scientist's way of saying they both have the same make-up of the basic units, which are length, mass, and time. In fact energy can be defined as the capacity for doing work, which is potential energy, and when work is done energy is ex ( Full Answer )

Are mechanical energy and work the same thing?

A1. Mechanical energy is energy produce from raw materials which are burnt, such as oil, work is the use of energy ehich may be mechanical, or physical, which means the use of foods to produce energy which is then used for work, so no, they are not the same thing. A2. Energy and work have the sam ( Full Answer )

Is the unit megawatt-day an energy unit?

Yes, the unit of megawatt day is energy 1 megawatt day = 1 (megawatt.day )10 6 (watt/megawatt) x 24 (hour/day) x 3600 (second/hour) = 8.64 x 10 10 watt.sec = 8.64 x 10 10 Joule . Both Joule and watt.sec are also units of energy

What are units for work?

Work is defined as Force applied over a distance i.e. W=F*x. The units are, therefore, 1Newton*1meter=1Joule. Work is measured in Joules! Work is energy. Any unit used for energy is a perfectly good unit for describing work. The SI unit is the joule. Other examples include foot-pound, watt-sec ( Full Answer )

Does work have energy?

Work IS a kind of energy: work is the word used for transfer of energy. Work IS a kind of energy: work is the word used for transfer of energy. Work IS a kind of energy: work is the word used for transfer of energy. Work IS a kind of energy: work is the word used for transfer of energy.

How do you compare the units of work and kinetic energy?

Work and kinetic energy are defined as scalar energy and have the same units joules. dW=F.dr = (dP/dt) dr=dP(dr/dt) = dPv = vdP= mvdv W = F.r = mv^2/2. Physics has defined scalar energy but has no definition for vector energy mcV. Torque which is T= Fxr should be recognized as vector ener ( Full Answer )

How are energy and work energy related?

They are related because you need energy in order to do work.Comment if you think this didn't help. Thanks bye! Another Answer Energy is the ability to do work . Work is the process of converting one form of energy into another .For example, an electric motor converts electrical energy i ( Full Answer )

What energy can do work?

Wind is simple air in motion. The origin of wind is complex. The Earth is unevenly heated by the sun resulting in the poles receiving less energy from the sun than the equator does. Also the dry land heats up (and cools down) more quickly than the seas do. The differential heating powers a global at ( Full Answer )

What is work and its unit?

The SI unit for work is the joule, which is defined as the work done by a force of one newton acting over a distance of one metre. One calorie is equal to 4.184 joules.\n

The unit for energy?

There are several possibilities. Here are a few: -- Joule -- calorie -- Calorie (kilocalories) -- Horsepower-hour -- foot-pound -- dyne-centimeter -- kilowatt-hour -- watt-second -- volt-ampere-second

Why are energy and work measured in same units?

Energy and work have the same units because......we say energy is the ability to do work....work is the energy transferred from a body to another.....the donor of energy is said to have done work upon the acceptor...

Why arn't work and energy the same?

Work and energy use the same units; but the term "work" is used in the sense of "transfer of energy" (amount of energy transferred).

What is energy and how does it work?

This is too difficult to explain in a few words; I suggest you read the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy

Where do you get energy to do work?

The use of electricity for electronic devices is the main place. Technology has been developed to utilize electrons to do certain things. For example, an incandescent light bulb operates by emitting visible electromagnetic radiation, when a filament coated in Carbon is connected to a power supply. ( Full Answer )

Is green energy and renewable energy the same?

No, they are not the same. Generally, green energy provides energy for a fraction of, or, a complete offset of, emissions. For example, installing a hydroelectric dam may generate LOTS of renewable energy, however, it will also impact the surrounding ecosystem in a very negative way. But, when co ( Full Answer )

Why does work have the same unit as energy?

because work is a transformation of energy. If there is some loss of energy in a process then same amount of work will be created. For this reason the unit of work and energy is same.

How do you have energy after work?

Work, or course, requires energy. A unit of energy is required to do a unit of work. We use the same unit for both: the joule. That energy is not lost - the law of conservation of energy - it is just converted to another form. So chemical energy in the sugars in my muscles lift 100g 1m. That r ( Full Answer )

Is radioactive energy the same as nuclear energy?

We know that radioactive energy is derived from unstable atomic nuclei. This means that it is essentially correct to say that radioactive energy (the energy derived from radioactive materials) is nuclear energy.

How does energy do work?

energy does work by giving another object energy to do work. something moves/motions, which creates energy for another object to use. for example: a flowing river spins a watermill, which then works for other purposes. energy = flowing river object that receives energy to do other work = watermill ( Full Answer )

Is kinetic energy working energy?

I am not sure what you mean with "working energy". Kinetic energy is specifically energy related to movement - the energy an object has because it is moving. .

How can 6 remotes for 2 garage doors all stop working at the same time but the button on the unit itself still work?

I believe the remotes didn't stop working - but the opener'sreceiver did. This way, only the power button (which obviouslydoesn't need the receiver) works while no remote, even a new one,will be able to. If the receiver can't be fixed and you need to have it replaced, Irecommend a new Bluetooth or ( Full Answer )

What is a metric unit of work and energy?

The derived SI unit of energy, and work is the joule. One joule is the energy used, or the work done, in applying a force of one newton through a distance of one metre; also defined as the energy to pass a current of one ampere through a resistance of one ohm for one second.

What is the SI unit of energy or work?

That's the 'Joule'. It's the amount of work performed or energy spent when a force of 1 Newton pushes through a distance of one meter. (Notice that it doesn't matter how much time it takes.)

Is standard units and si units the same?

No.. The foot is a standard unit - but of the Imperial system.. No.. The foot is a standard unit - but of the Imperial system.. No.. The foot is a standard unit - but of the Imperial system.. No.. The foot is a standard unit - but of the Imperial system..

What are the units of energy momentum work power?

Energy . . . 'Joule' Momentum . . . 'kilogram-meter per second' . . . the product of (mass x speed) Work . . . work is energy, measured in units of energy Power . . . power is the rate of producing or using energy, 'joule per second', also called 'watt'.