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Q: Why are there animals on the Earth?
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How many animals are there left on earth?

there are bout 780,000,789 animals on earth :)

Are humans evil to animals and the earth?

it depends. if its a person who hates animals and earth then they might be mean to them but if they love earth and animals then thwy might not.

How did Darwin connect animals with the earth?

Dawin was able to connect the animals with the Earth in a few ways. He documented animals as belonging to certain locations on Earth.

How much animals are on earth?

there are affinity animals

Are there animals on Mars?

No, there are no animals on Mars. But there are on Earth!

How many animals are on earth?

There are trillions of animals and insects on earth. It is impossible to count them all.

Are there any prehistoric animals still on earth?

No, there are no more prehistoric animals alive on earth. All animals alive today are decendents of prehistoric animals.

What is the first animals and plants at the start of the earth?

There were no animals or plants at the start of the earth. Cyanobacteria maybe

Is 60 percent of the animals on earth invertebrates?

No, 95-97% of all animals on Earth are Invertebrates.

What would happen to the animals on earth if there was no soil?

The animals on Earth would die away if there was no soil.

What is the noun--These animals are the largest creatures on earth.?

There are three nouns in this sentence. They are: animals, creatures, and earth.

Why there are different animals on earth?

There are different animals on earth because they are made to do different things on the earth,that is also the way God made them.