Why are there badges on WikiAnswers?

Why Are There Badges?

WikiAnswers user share their viewpoints on the badges:

  • There are badges on WikiAnswers because each badge symbolizes the work one particular contributor has put into the site. The more badges, the more associated that particular contributor is with programs of, and with, WikiAnswers.

    For example, a Supervisor (category or floating) badge shows that a person is dedicated to patrolling WikiAnswers for vandals and what is out of place and what shouldn't be on WikiAnswers. Another example would be the SPA (Special Project Assistant) badge, which shows that this particular contributor helps with small projects around WikiAnswers to make it better.

  • Basically, the badges show the dedication and time a particular user has put into making WikiAnswers a better website.
  • Badges on WikiAnswers help users feel proud of their contributions, and help provide encouragement and goals to reach on this site. It also shows how involved a contributor is, and what groups they have joined.