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Q: Why are there different ways for evolution to occur?
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What are the four ways evolution?

These four factors can effect ways evolution occur: 1.) Mutation 2.) Selection3.) Gene Flow4.) Genetic Drift

The hypothesis that the evolution of different species occur at a slow constant rate is called?


What rate does evolution occur?

there are two different rates that evolution could occur at. the first kind is gradual, which is small changes over time. the other kind is fast and it occurs when there is a big change the environment.

What are three reasons for natural selection to occur?

1. different breeding 2. evolution 3.adaptation

What did bilateral symmetry lead to the evolution of?

It allows different parts of the body to become specialized in different ways. This is called cephalization.

How do independent assortment crossing over and random fertilization affect the rate of evolution?

They will determine how the fertilization will occur. These can allow for some interesting changes to occur with the different plants.

Does Evolution occur slowly?


Why are adaptations evidence of evolution?

Because adaptations are an observed effect of evolution. They could not happen if evolution did not occur.

What is the relationship between evolution and geography?

Evolution relates to geography because of differing environments. An animal may adapt and be mutated in different ways depending on the environment in which it reproduces.

What must you collect for bonuses in the game Evolution?

There are several versions of the Evolution game and players collect different things in different versions. For example, In Monster Evolution, players eat humans to collect points and evolve. In Evolution Squared, rewards are gained in various ways. For Evolution, you grow and breed beetles. What you collect in each game varies with the game.

How are organisms related to evolution?

Organisms are required for evolution to occur. Evolution is defined as something that happens when organisms reproduce.

Did evolution occur in the permian period?

Yes. Evolution ocurred in all geologic periods.