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Why are there low literacy rates in Djibouti?


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Because a third of it's population are Nomadic.

Djibouti's literacy rate increased from 70.3% to 82% in 2010


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Literacy rates are low in Egypt because of the lack of educational infrastructure or learning institutions. Poverty and lack of information are also reasons for the low literacy rates.

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Literacy rates are low in the some parts of Africa because of a lack of schools. It is very difficult to travel the necessary miles that sometimes separates schools.

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Literacy rate is a measure of the level of development in a country- seen as education is pivotal in developing your country. Therefore, countries with a low literacy rate will be more likely to have higher death rates than those with higher literacy rates.

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because they is not taut well.

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Well, arguably the question should read 'What ARE literacy rates in prisons?' but maybe we should be concerned with literacy rates outside of prison.

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