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Q: Why are there mountains in the background of the California state seal?
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Why is Athena on the California state seal?

why is Athena on the California state seal does California and rome have something in common

California state seal?

The California state seal features Minerva, the Roman goddess on it. There is also a river, a bear, and a worker featured on the state seal.

When was the state seal of California adopted?

In 1849

Where is the California state seal?

On the California state seal is Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. The seal was designed by Major R. S. Garnett and adopted at the Constitutional Convention of 1849.

Where is the Califonia State Seal?

It is located in the great state of California, where the Governator lives.

What is New Hampshires state flag?

The New Hampshire state flag is a blue background with the state seal in the center. The seal is surrounded by laurel leaves and nine stars.

What does the Nebraska state flag look like?

It has a blue background that has the state seal of Nebraska in the center which reads Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, March 1, 1867

Why did California choose Minerva to be on their state seal?

no one knows

What geographical error did the First Florida Seal display?

The first seal of Florida displayed mountains, which is a geographical error, because there aren\'t any mountains in the state.

How did Britney Spears contribute to California?

She sings the State Anthem and is the model for the State Seal.

What does the Nebraska flag look like?

It has a blue background that has the state seal of Nebraska in the center which reads Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, March 1, 1867

What is the meaning of Nebraskas seal?

Transportation, agriculture, industry, settlement, and the statehood date appear on Nebraska' state seal, representing all areas of the state. The mountains, a train, a steamboat, and the Mississippi River are also on the seal. The seal represents the riches of the state.

In California all explosives must bear the seal of what organization?

California State Fire Marshal

Why is Minerva on the California state seal?

Minerva, or otherwise known as Athena(can be spelled Athene) is the Greek Godess of crafts, war, and wisdom. Because of this, Athena is on the California state seal to represent California for having war and wisdom.

What does the flag of Idaho look like?

The flag of Idaho has a medium blue background. It has the seal of the state in the center, and a banner that says state of Idaho on a red background.

What does the man with the pick represent on the California state seal?

Gold miners.

What does the 1776 on the New Hampshire state seal mean?

On the seal there is a ship. The ship is the "Raleigh". The ship is near a granite rock because the state nickname is The Granite State. In the background there is a sunset

What does the State Seal of California's symbols mean?

tey mean i think i love you!

How does the California state seal bring us together?

It's an important symbol.

What is the state seal for Illinois?

The state seal of Illinois has an eagle on it. The state seal is on the flag.

What does the stars on the CA state seal represent?

The 31 stars represents that California is the 31st state to join the United States.

What does the grizzly bear on the California state seal represent?

The Grizzly bear means "Brave and strong."

How much do real state earn in California a year?

it matter hom many houses you seal

What does the Idaho flag look like?

The Idaho state flag has the Idaho state seal on a background of blue. The seal has a miner and a woman who represents justice holding a shield showing mountains, a stream and an evergreen tree. There are two cornucopias at their feet. There is wheat under the shield. Above the shield is an elk head and the Latin words Esta Perpetual which means "It is Forever."

What is the state flags color of Oregon?

The flag of the state of Oregon colors are Navy Blue and Gold. On the front of the flag the background is blue, the lettering and seal are gold. On the obverse side again the background is blue and the beaver, the state animal, is gold.