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Why are there oceans?

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because when land separated, water moved into the areas that broke apart.

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How many oceans are there in Alaska?

There are no oceans in Alaska, it is surrounded by two oceans, the Arctic and the Pacific Oceans.

What is the oceans in Poland?

There are not oceans in poland, there are maybe seas, but no oceans.

Do other oceans have oceans?

Oceans have seas, gulfs, lagoouns.

The equator passes over three large oceans?

Atlantic oceans, pacific oceans and indians oceans.

What are the physical features of temperate oceans?

Temperate oceans appear to be more green than other oceans. Temperatures in the temperate oceans tend to fluctuate more than tropical oceans. Temperate oceans are also not as clear as tropical oceans.

What oceans are in the southern oceans?


What are primal oceans?

primal oceans are oceans that are fresh watered oceans thatmarine life animals can live in and can adapt to

Why do oceans cool the oceans?


What is the plural of ocean?


How many islands surround oceans?

Islands do not surround oceans, oceans surround islands.

Is there any oceans by Kentucky?

no Kentucky does not have oceans even tho there are oceans by the state of kentucky

What is the possessive form of oceans?

The possessive form of the plural noun oceans is oceans'. Example: The oceans' currents north of the equator are a clockwise rotation.

Which has more salt oceans or lakes?


Are there any freshwater oceans?

There are no freshwater oceans.

How many oceans does Africa have?

it has 5 oceans

Is Mar's oceans red?

No. Mars has no oceans.

What oceans are the Nunavut islands in?

They are in the Arctic Oceans.

Are there any oceans in Spain?

No, there are no oceans in Spain.

Are seas lakes or oceans larger?


What oceans border the state of Kentucky?

No oceans.

What are the oceans of Norway?

The Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Which are the largest oceans in Montana?

There are no oceans in Montana.

How do you spell oceans?

That is the correct spelling oceans

What is the name of the oceans in Brazil?

There are no oceans in Brazil.

What are the worlds 4 oceans?

What are the world's 4 oceans ? Atlantic , Artic , Pacific , and Indian oceans