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Most of the indigenous groups died of overwork or diseases brought by the Spanish.

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Q: Why are there so few indigenous people in the Caribbean?
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Reasons why the spanish settlers enslaved the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean?

They Did this Because they wanted gold so they enslaved the people of the Caribbean

What happened to most of the indigenous people in the Caribbean after the Europeans arrived?

They went partying and got lost then became hobos so next time u see a hobo and ask if they are a indigenous people and then tell me if u said it and I will laugh in u faces

Why do Caribbean people migrate?

Life in the Caribbean can be hard. They migrate so they can get better lives.

Why the spanish enslave the indigenous people of the Caribbean people?

They Did this Because they wanted gold so they enslaved the people of the Caribbean

How did the Caribbean become so multiracial?

The Caribbean became multiracial due to a long history of colonization and slavery by European powers. The indigenous populations were largely wiped out, and enslaved Africans were brought to the region to work on plantations. Along with European settlers, this created a mix of African, European, and indigenous heritage, contributing to the region's multiracial population.

Why were the New Spain retablos (altarpiece ensembles) designed to be so extravagant?

To impress the indigenous people into converting to Christianity

Why are many people in the Caribbean island poor?

The answer to this narrow minded question is that there are poor people and poverty throughout the world. This does not just occur in the Caribbean, so I recommend you go to the Caribbean and have stare at a great deal of the successful entrepreneurs residing in the Caribbean. And as the question why are many people in the world so poor? Thank you haha

Why do people migrate from the Caribbean?

so they can live a better life

What is the statistics of Indigenous Australians?

Of the total population of Australia, it is known that approximately 2.6% are Indigenous. 2.7% of all teachers in Australia are Indigenous. This information was found in the Wikipedia site, so this may not be true.

Why is there such great variety of ethnic groups on the Caribbean islands?

Because so many people came to the Caribbean as colonists, slaves, or immigrants.

What are Panama's culture traits?

Panama has a rich cultural heritage influenced by its indigenous roots, Spanish colonial history, Afro-Caribbean heritage, and diverse immigrant populations. The country's culture is vibrant and diverse, highlighted by traditional music and dance such as salsa and reggaeton, handicrafts like the colorful molas made by the Guna people, and a cuisine blending Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and indigenous flavors. Panama also celebrates various festivals and events throughout the year that showcase its cultural diversity and heritage.

What is the literal meaning of indigenous?

"Indigenous" means "native to." Indigenous peoples, for example, are the people who were origninally in a locaation, before explorers came. In the Western Hemisphere, indigenous peoples both Eskimos and Native Americans are considered to be indigenoud peoples.