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Animal species that are cultivated and domesticated by humans tend to have many different breeds. For example, there are many breeds of horses and cats. However, it's possible that you may be forgetting or are simply unaware of the many breeds of animals. For example, look at the very wide variety of birds....or snakes.......and the list goes on.

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What breed is a fox?

Foxes do not have 'breeds,' they have species. Dogs have breeds, cats have breeds, cattle have breeds. All are the same species. However, there are 12 different species of true foxes and at least that many other species of related animals that are classified as foxes.

How many different breeds of wolf are extinct?

Wolves have species and subspecies, not breeds. Breeds refer to domestic animals like dogs, cats or cattle.

How many different breeds are there?

There are many different breeds of many different things. This includes dogs, cats, and any other animal that you can think of.

How many dogs breeds are in the world?

there are about 400 dog breeds.

How many breeds are there?

Breeds of dogs have constantly been evolving and there are many new breeds which have come up by cross breeding the existing breeds of dogs. It is very difficult to determine the exact number of dog breeds but there are around more than 900 pure and mixed combined breeds of dogs.

How many stomachs does a poodle have?

Poodles and other breeds of dogs only have one stomach.

In the world how many breeds of dogs are there?

There are thousands of dog breeds in the world.

What breeds are drug dogs?

Drug dogs in other words dogs used to sniff out drugs can be many breeds of dog. Drug dogs are often dogs with very good sense of smell. Most commonly a German Shepard, however, many other breeds can participate in "drug sniffing". For example Bloodhounds or Labs are sometimes used in airports. Also Bloodhounds can be used on a paralegal case simply because these dogs can sniff out trails hours after they were left. There are also breeds of dogs which can sniff out mold in walls and such. I hope this answer helps it's viewers!

How many different breeds of wolf are there?

there are 73 in the world.73 different breeds

What are dogs?

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are mostly carnivorous mammals that are found across the earth in many different breeds. The relationship between dogs and humans is extensive, as canines were one of the first animals domesticated. For more information on dogs and a list of breeds, see the related links below.

Why are dogs so many breeds?

Because dog breeders make dogs reproduce so they make many different breeds on purpose.

Why are cats so different?

There are many different types of cats. Look up the the theory of the immutability of species. It was proven wrong and explains why we have unique breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals.

How many breeds of dog are there in the world?

There are about 400 breeds of dogs in the world. - TSR

How many breeds of dogs are there in the world?

1,000 or so (including mixed breeds)

How many breeds of dogs are the world?

There are over 400 dog breeds in the world.

How many kinds of dogs are there?

Well, there are many different dogs out there. There are maybe somewhere around 5000+ different dog breeds dog breeds will never stop as long as different dogs breed to make different and amazing breeds!

Is there a such thing as dogs?

Yes, there is; dogs exist in many different breeds.

How many breeds of dogs?

OVER 1000

How many breeds of dogs do we have?

over 300

How many breeds of house dogs are there?


How many breeds of small dogs are their?


What are all the dogs in the world?

There are many, many breeds of dog. There are pure and mixed breeds. There are probably over 300 different types and breed of dogs.

What are all the dogs that are mixed-breeds?

There are many breeds of dogs. If you go to the Dog Breeds link below they have all the breeds listed A-Z with pictures and information on that particular breed of dog. They have pure bred and mixed breeds and hybrids.

What animals eat dogs and cats?

Coyotes, snakes as well as many other animals.

How many different types of breeds of dogs are there?

There are over 600 different dog breeds.