Why are there so many different insurance agents?

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There are a number of various insurance agents because there is a number of various kinds of insurance. For instance, there are insurance agents for life insurance while there are also insurance agents for automobile insurance.

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Q: Why are there so many different insurance agents?
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Consider Shopping With Independent Insurance Agents?

Independent insurance agents earn their living by matching insurance customers with the insurance they need. Unlike some insurance companies that employ agents to sell their brand of insurance, independent agents are not bound to a single company. This means that they can get competing quotes from multiple companies to help their customers find the best policies and premiums. Independent agents also have more flexibility to sell different types of insurance that can help customers with special needs. Some insurance companies do not allow independent agents to sell their insurance, so insurance shoppers should also check for quotes from other insurers before completing an insurance agreement.

What is the average salary of insurance agents & brokers?

In most cases insurance agents and brokers work on a commision basis. So your income is based on how much insurance you sale.

How do you know what comapny to put house and car insurance in compare?

The best thing to do is to ask friends about their insurance agents and companies. I would suggest that you talk to a few independent insurance agents and get quotes from a couple of them that you like. In my opinion if you find a good local independent agent who you can trust the rest will take care of itself. An independent agent does not work for the insurance company and represents many different companies so they can shop for you and come up with different quote that suit your needs.

Who do you report your insurance agent to if they don't help you with a claim?

Insurance Agents by law are not permitted to process insurance claims, It's not their job. This would be a conflict of interest for the Agent. All the agent can do is forward information and facilitate information exchange and put you in touch with your Claims Adjuster. An agent who attempts to interfere with the claim can lose their job and possibly their agents license if they overstep their authority when it comes to claims. Insurance Agents are not licensed as Claims Adjusters. Agents are licensed as "Insurance Agents". Adjusters are licensed as "Insurance Adjuster". They are in totally different departments and have totally different job descriptions and responsibilities. So it does not appear that your agent is doing anything wrong. The person you need to contact for help with your claim is the Claims Adjuster assigned to you, not your insurance agent.

Where can one find information on can insurance groups?

There are so many different auto insurance groups available and it can be intimidating. Commercials for auto insurance dominate the television airways. Head on over to the Yelp website, you can find insurance agents in your area. Some will be small independent agencies and some will be the bigger ones. The Yelp reviews can help you with your decision.

Where can one receive car insurance if they need it?

There are so many different car insurance companies. And now car insurance can be bought through so many different mediums. Online, on the phone, and by mail. Car insurance companies that are prominent include GEICO, AllState, and State Farm.

Where do people get insurance?

You can get it many places .. I would recommend going to a local agent .. You can also do online quotes through most insurance companies .. or there are websites like or .. but be careful with thees they give the leads to multiple insurance agents so you will be getting called by 2-7 agents depending on how many agents in your area get leads through them... but like i said before i would recommend trying to get an actual agent they can do a lot more for you when you need them then a call center and if you get a good one they know they work for you not their insurance company

Is there a specific company for travel insurance coverage?

"There are many different travel insurance companies. Depending on the country you will be visiting, you can find travel insurance quotes and coverage. Travel agents may be able to provide you with a list of companies that offer travel insurance for your destination. They may also be able to provide insurance to you directly during the booking process. There are several travel insurance companies so compare quotes and coverage prior to your purchase."

What does AA insurance agent do?

Insurance agents can serve lots of roles, but in it's simplest form, an insurance agent is the "bridge" between a consumer and an insurance company. Agents, if they are independent agents, can help a consumer compare multiple choices and choose a plan that best suits their needs. Also, an agent can provide policy service (claims, etc.) for a consumer so that a consumer has a more personalized representative with the company.

Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance for Travel Agents?

If you are a travel agent, then it is essential that you buy travel insurance for travel agents. Travel insurance will protect you in so many ways. If you recommend a certain trip to a client and something tragic occurs on that trip, such as a terrorist bombing, then you are protected with this type of insurance. If you do not have this type of insurance, you may not be protected against losses that a client has suffered on his or her trip. It is very important to buy travel insurance to protect yourself from all sorts of potential disasters.

What are some qualities insurance agents need?

Insurance agents need to have a strong personality and people skills. They'll be working with people all day, trying to sell their product, so being friendly and having a personality that doesn't bore is needed.

You are driving a friends car but your car has insurance and his car has his insurance will you be covered?

Your are insured. I just called 3 agents. Progressive, Geico, and all-state. Again, every state is different. In Wisconsin, the insurance follows the car, so if you borrow someone's car, you are borrowing their insurance. This means that if you lend your car to someone, and they have an at-fault accident, your insurance will be primary (theirs is secondary), and it is likely your insurance rates that will be affected!

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