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So they can post stupid questions like this on Wikianswers

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Q: Why are there so many fcking idiots alive still?
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Do many people still think that autism may be caused by vaccines?

Yes - unfortunately there are still many MANY such idiots in the world.

How many of Robert Kennedy's kids are still alive?

nine out of eleven are still alive

Is Walt still alive?

There are many people called Walt that are still alive.

how many members of dyer strit band is still alive?

how many membersof dyer strit band is still alive today

How many Jews were still alive after the Holocaust?

About a few hundreds are still alive after the holocaust

How many people survived on the titanic and are still alive today?

None is still alive.

How many whales are still alive?

About 3,087,700 whales are still alive. (See links)

Where 1 to 300 how many are still alive?

about 250 polar bears are still alive

How many Tuskegee Airmen are still alive?

around 300 in all are still alive

How many people born in 1936 are still alive today?

Around 23% are still alive. However this is for the US.

How many manatees are still alive?

How many manatees are still alive

Are any of Cesar chavez's children still alive if so how many?

yes I think his kids are still alive

How many geckos are still alive?

I think there are 2,000 geckos still alive in the rain forest.

How many little rascals are still alive?

1 woim is still alive

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it was like 500 people alive in world war 1 that was still alive

How many Australian prime ministers are still alive?

There are 12 Australian prime minsters still alive.

Are Duran Duran still alive?

It's a group, so, yes, many members are still alive.

How many dinosaur's still are alive and what types?

One class of dinosaurs is still alive today: birds.

How many D-Day Veterans are still alive?

Of the 16 million there were only 1.7 million are still alive today

How many survivors of the titanic are still alive?

None of them is alive now.

Are any of the jew's on Oskar Schindlers list still alive?

Yes there is still many of Jews that was on the list alive

How come Adolf Hitler is still alive?

Adolf Hitler is not still alive, he has been dead for many years.

How many people still alive from 1895?

According to Wikipedia, nobody born before 1897 is still alive.

How many of JFK's children are still alive?

Only one of Kennedy's daughters named Caroline is still alive.

Are zebras still alive?

Yes. There are still many abundant.