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Q: Why are there so many ways to extract oil from the ground?
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What was the purpose of the oil drill?

to extract the oil out of the ground

Were do you get crude oil from and how do you extract it?

It comes from underground and we extract it by drilling a hole then by pumping it out of the ground

Where do you get crude oil from and how do you extract it?

In the ground or under the ocean, by using oil pumps.

What is the hardest fossil fuels to extract from the ground?

Oil Shale

What is is a sentence for the word extraction?

Oil wells extract oil from far beneath the ground.

How do you extract oil from the ground?

You extract oil (black gold) by pipes, a drill thingy and...mud.Yes, mud. Look it up if you're not sure then!Bye! xx

Can extract be used in place of essential oil?

This depends on which essential oil you are trying to replace. Many essential oils don't have a corresponding extract or are extracts in and of themselves.

What to do about large Bees eating my tree bark?

There are two ways to repel carpenter bees. The first is to spray the tree with citrus extract, and the second is to spray with almond oil or extract.

Is peppermint oil and peppermint extract the same?

Yes you can its 1/4 a tsp of oil for 1 tsp of extract

How do oil rigs extract oil?

They dont extract it. They give it a way out. The earths pressure forces it out

How you get oil from foods?

The base product will be ground into fine particles and pressed to extract the oils and moisture from the ground material. The oil is then separated from the moisture and packaged. The best results are the old methods where is takes some time but does not add any heat to the process damaging the flavor of the oil

How do you extract ilang-ilang oil?

extract the ilang ilang