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that's a corpse that bloats not vampires

There is a continuum between Zombies and vampires. A zombie is a dead body that has been reanimated but lacks the ability to 'heal' so it eventually decays and disintegrates. Bloating is part of this process. Vampires we usually consider to be those reanimated corpses that are capable of 'healing' and they only get bloated when they have gorged themselves on blood or whatever.

Count Dracula after a good feed was said to be a bit bloated and full of life.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Paul Roulet's body was said to be bloated to monstrous proportions after centuries of feeding off of the inhabitants of the house built above him.

The Shunned House by H. P. Lovecraft.

Between these two extremes there are 'degrees' on the continuum where both of these conditions overlap. Such creatures would be susceptible to all sorts of infections and fungal attack and bloating might be one of their characteristics.

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Q: Why are vampires bloated?
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