Why are war games so fun?

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because when you play war games you shoot and people today like shooting games

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Q: Why are war games so fun?
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Why is the game 'Evony' so addicating?

People like the medevil war games, with the quests and attacking people,its fun

Why are computer games so fun?

Computer games are fun because we play them in our down time. They do not require much thought, so they relax us.

Why did they create games?

so people could have fun

Why are games so fun?

Games are so fun becuz they keep you entertained and there lots of fun and if you dont know that by know ur kind slow!!!!!!!!This is a Different person saying i TOTALLY AGREE WITH HIM!!!

What did children do for fun during World War 2?

They plat games everywhere

What did kids do for fun during the world war 1?

They made games with their imagination

What are some fun free games you can download on xbox quickplay?

One is n+ its so fun

Why games are essential for life?

so that you can have a fun youth and you can get brainwashed.

Why do you need to get achievements in video games?

so that it will acually be fun

Are war games harmless fun?

It depends on who is playing it. There are many studies that argue that war games affect adolescent brain's and how the child reacts to things when the brain is exposed to the graphic images displayed in war game. However as a Young adult or adult there is harmless fun in playing war games if you are able to understand fully the underlying messages sent through those video games.

Why were the Olympic games so popular?

The Olympic's is so popular because it is sporty and fun

Where is there a list of 18 wheeler games?,, check these websites out so you can try to find the game you are looking for. Good luck and remember games are meant for fun, so have fun.

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