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Why are we behind in technology?

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more "stuff" if u know what i mean

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What is two ways that technology works behind the scenes of every day life?

how technology works behind scenes

Who invented the technology behind the WAN optimization and dynamic load balancing?

Frame Relay is behind that technology. WAN has a host of connection technology options available.

What is the difference type of technology?

The kind of difference in technology, in my opinion, is the goal behind the invention of this technology.

What is the technology behind the atomic bomb?

what is the tchnology behind nuclear tchnology

What is the technology behind the telephone?


Founder of information technology?

Prakash ARPANET could be considered the founding technology behind contemporary Information Technology.

What is the technology behind video call?


Who invented the technology behind the P.D.A?

the palm company

What is the technology behind CDMA and gsm?

tdma and fdma

What is the driving force behind social change?


Is the technology behind hydroelectricity ready to be implemented and used?


What kind of technology is behind the motion-sensing capabilities of the Xbox Kinect?

The technology behind the motion sensing capabilities of the kinect is that they have cameras that capture your movements and are sensitive to voice recognition.

Do you know what the technology behind HP OfficeJet drivers are?

Depending on the model, some HP OfficeJet drivers offer Bluetooth technology, wireless technology, and all the basic printing installation technology.

What is the symbolism behind the title Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut?

Nuclear technology

What does behind the times mean?

It means that you are not current, not keeping up with the latest fads or technology.

Why your country is far behind latest technology?

Ah, perspective. From your vantage point in the world, what is the definition of "your country", "far behind" and "latest technology"? That would make a big difference in the answer. My country is doing well with innovation, invention, and use of technology. Many countries that were far behind at some point are well ahead now and that will fluctuate over time as it always does. Perhaps the vagueness of your question indicates the vagueness of your perspective.

Xerox Photocopying - the technology behind xerography was developed in Australia by Professor O U Vonwiller in 1907.60 In which university did he develop this technology?

The University of Sydney.

Why are some countries developed?

some countries are developed because of technology... technology is the main reason behind the developed nation.... jai hind- jai bharat

What is the history behind definitive technology speakers?

They have a legitimate about us page:http:/

What all are the reasons behind Fast changes in information technology-exitement or agony?


What jobs have been replaced by computer technology?

jobs as simple as checkouts at the technology can simply take over the jobs of people who stand behind the cashier..

What is the best slogan for science and technology?

science and technology is the subject in which one can easily take interest sciance it tells the logic behind allthings happenig around us.........................

Which is older is it science or technology?

Technology, in as much as Ancient Man made himself tools, weapons, boats, etc without knowing the science behind those inventions.

What is the technology behind mopeds?

its mean just take everything in a same direction. For example if you try to rob the store they watch you in camera. so is that mean is technology mopeds.

What has the author Steve Caudill written?

Steve Caudill has written: 'A hero behind every tree' -- subject(s): Information technology projects, Management, Information technology