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Windmills are important because they provide electricity. The more the windmills move, the more electricity. If you go to Palm Springs in California, you will find hundreds and hundreds of windmills, because it is a windy place.

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Why is location important to windmills?

Windmills are usually built on a hill to catch as much wind as possible!!!

Why where windmills and barbed wire important?

it helped people in the olden days.

How do older windmills and new windmills differ?

older windmills make more energy than newer windmills

Where can windmills be found?

windmills can be found anywhere

What direction do windmills turn?

Windmills always turn counterclockwise, but this is an exception to the windmills found in Ireland.

Why are the windmills so important in the novel?

Cause they help many of people and provide grain and water.

Why were windmills important in the great plains?

they helped farmers retrieve water from deep water aquifers

Where are windmills used?

Windmills can be used in different countries

Are there windmills in Europe?

Yes, there are lots of windmills in Europe.

Where are the windmills in the Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

there is no windmills!

What are windmills used for?

Windmills are used to kill birds

What has the author Brian Flint written?

Brian Flint has written: 'Suffolk windmills' -- subject(s): Windmills 'Windmills of East Anglia' -- subject(s): History, Windmills

What is the fear of windmills called?

What is the phobia of windmills called? Experts say that the fear of windmills is called Anemophobia and/or Ancraophobia

What is the usage of windmills?

Windmills produce about 2% of worldwide power.

What places can windmills be found?

Windmills are found, mainly in Holland.

What energy is used in windmills?

Windmills use wind energy.

When was Drinkstone windmills created?

Drinkstone windmills was created in 1689.

When was Clayton Windmills created?

Clayton Windmills was created in 1866.

What is the ISBN of Windmills of the Gods?

The ISBN of Windmills of the Gods is 0688065708.

When was Windmills of the Gods created?

Windmills of the Gods was created in 1987.

When was The Windmills of Your Mind created?

The Windmills of Your Mind was created in 1968.

What is the collective noun for windmills?

There is no standard collective noun for windmills.A collective noun is an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the context of a situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a row of windmills, a stand of windmills, a cluster of windmills, etc.

How are windmills and sails alike?

i think that windmills and sails are alike like this

What country is famous for windmills and dikes?

Netherlands invented Dikes & Windmills

How did homesteaders use windmills?

windmills were used to generate power for farmers