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Welll , basically you suck at life.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-08 23:09:49
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Q: Why are you flat chested?
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Is Frankie sandford flat chested?


Do you have to be flat chested to ballet dance?


What does it mean if kelsey is flat chested?

she has no boobs.

Is Bella Thorne really flat chested?


Why are people flat chested?

because the harder you have intercourse the more your breasts grow out so if you are flat chested it is because you havent had intercourse hard enough

Do men like flat chested women?

I am 35 and flat chested and every sexy hot guy is still chasing me :)AnswerIt varies from man to man. Mens taste can vary from extremely over sized breasts to flat chested, just like women's taste in mens' features can vary.

Is sakura flat chested?

Yes, and so is Tenten

Can flat-chested women breastfeed?


Is Bella Thorne flat chested?

Well in shake it up, sometimes she looks flat chested. But you can never tell because she is always wearing different layers on. If you ask me she is kinda.........

12 years old and flat-chested?

That's fine, don't worry. Everybody develops at different times.

What did jiraiya call tsunade when they were genin?

flat-chested tsunade

Can flat chested but skinny people pull of bikinis?


if you are flat chested do you need to wear a bra?

No, you have to hit puberty

What should you do if you flat chested at 13?

Im 13 and flat chested like you. and i hate it so i can understand why you are bothered. Yeh , sometimes i get teased about it, but most of the time i just grin and bear it!

How do you cope without a relationship?

Get a life. Maybe you're just disgusting and nobody likes you. Perhaps your flat chested. Nobody likes flat chested women. *cough* Sarah Kuespert.

Flat chested but breastfeeding?

The size of the chest has no affect on the ability to breastfeed.

Is Zendaya flat chested?


How does a flat chested girl get a good boyfriend?

Flat chested girls are the most beautiful, at least I think so and I love girls more than anyone. Don't worry, a slender chest and body is perfect for many guys.

Cause of flat-chested?

Most likely genetics (either mother or grandmother had a small breast size) or you just haven't hit that part of puberty yet.

Why are some women flat chested?

It depends on your genetics. What one gets is what one gets.

How do you increase breast naturally?

you cant sorry :( guess your gonna have to be flat chested forever .

If you have had discharge for a while but you are flat chested does it mean your period is still going to happen?


Is Miley Cyrus flat chested?

Yes she stuffs her bra

Is Nicole Linsalata a lesbian?

she has kids...i dont think so......she is very flat chested though

Can women be flat chested at age 19?

Yes, some women barely have breasts at all.