Why are you here on WikiAnswers?

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โˆ™ 2009-04-26 15:18:47

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To ask and answer questions.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-26 15:18:47
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Q: Why are you here on WikiAnswers?
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Does the founder of WikiAnswers still have an account here?

Yes, Chris Whitten is the founder of WikiAnswers and he still has an account on WikiAnswers.

Why does nobody pay attention to you here in WikiAnswers?

Depends on your meaning of paying attention to you. I'm here responding to your question, so we here at wikianswers are paying attention to you.

Can you download music here on WikiAnswers?

No. WikiAnswers is strictly a question and answer site. Nothing else.

Then who are you?

Anyone can answer questions on WikiAnswers. There are no bots here.

How do you sense that I am here on WikiAnswers?

We are just that smart.

Where are answers to questions?

Right here on WikiAnswers.

Is there an anime club here on WikiAnswers?

Yes and I started it here at WikiAnswers. You can go to my profile below and you can join us today by asking me.User:MistyJones02

Can you ask question about eBay here?

Yes, you can always ask any questions you like on wikianswers about Ebay. That is what Wikianswers is here for, you are free to ask anything.

Is WikiAnswers actually good for anything?

Yes, WikiAnswers is actually good for a lot of things. If your question isn't on WikiAnswers, you have to post it. You can't expect your question to automatically be here and expect someone to answer a question that isn't here.

Why are there over 500 supervisors on WikiAnswers?

They are here to protect wikianswers, and block vandals/spammers/cyberbullies from this site.

How do you post here in wikianswers with picture?

You can't. Sorry.

If WikiAnswers weren't here where would I be asking this?

on wikiquestions

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