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You could say that you think the company has a lot of room and potential for growth. You could say that you enjoy people and the business that this company does and that is why you were interested in working there.

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Q: Why are you interested in working here - clerical position?
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Why are interested in working here?

When you are asked why you are interested in working at a place, you need to show your worth. You are being asked to state what you have to offer the company or why they really have to hire you and not the others. You should highlight all your strengths and qualifications.

How much do clerical purchasing agents make?

I work for a school district and about $15 per hour here. We're paid lower then working for a private company though usually.

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What makes interested to apply here?

When asked on a application why the potential employee is interested in working there, the employer is looking for clues on how long they would remain a employee. If a employee answers they needed a job they are not expected to last long, if they are generally interested in the work they may be a long time employee.

IF hired how long do you plan on working here?

IF hired how long do you plan on working here?"

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