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Why are you writing all these things?

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because unlike you obviously some people have questions but dont know where to find the answers quit taking up serious peoples valuable time

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Where can you find a writing website?

your mother is the answer to all things in life!

What does Stephen king dislike in writing?

He is not as fond of the business end of writing, i.e. all the things unrelated to the creative process.

How can a writer's heritage affect his or her writing?

Everything you experience goes into your writing: good things, bad things, all the emotion and senses and thoughts. Each writer is unique because they come from a different heritage.

What are important things to remember when writing repots or records and why?

what are the important things to remember when writing reports or records?

Example of argumentative writing?

Argumentative writing is where you try to get someone to see your side of things. Argumentative writing is seen in advertisements where things are being sold.

What is a sentence that has the word glamor in it?

Things rather lose their glamour when you realise all you are doing is writing sentences for people.

What 3 things lysandra does in Lysandra's poem?

Do you mean what 3 things doesLysandra do in "Lysandra's Poem"? Lysandra writes, all the time. But then she gets betrayed by her best friend, stops writing, gets revenge, and starts writing again. Hope that helps!

What are the 3 things must you remember when writing a chemical equation?

1. Balanced 2. All caps 3. Have fun :)

What is the word writing mean?

you draw things.

What are some things pens are used for?


How do you write an essay from a photo?

first observe the photo carefully.then point out every important things. then think what you know about those.. connect all the things in your mind.then start writing

What things you eat and drink start with the letter z?

What are things that you eat that start with the letter i? its for a creative writing class THANKS! What are things that you eat that start with the letter i? its for a creative writing class THANKS!

What things you should know about Japan when you are writing a story set in Japan? should know about the manner ... its all about what you want to write

Who is the greek god of art?

Actually, the nine Muses were the goddesses of all creative things: poetry/writing, theatre, art, etc.

See the writing on the wall?

The writing on the wall read "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin". This writing was an indication of bad things that were about to take place.

What is writing called in North America?

It is called writing and most of the things are probably not that much different from where you live.

How do you write positive feedback?

by not writing bad things

What are the cohesive devices in English writing?

Things that stick

What things are shakespeare famous for?

for writing a lot of stuff

What things to remember while writing telegram?


What kind of things in writing or typing have to be underlined?


What you should focus on writing down when listening?

See this link on taking good notes! You need to focus on the following:what things does the teacher stress - either write down or say over and overwhat things are definitionswhat things are things you didn't know at all

What are the 5 things to remember when writing a conclusion?

sum of your overall essay re write your thesis re state all the major points

How is writing at work different from writing at school?

At school you spend a lot of time writing things for teachers which they (presumably) already know ... At work you write usually for practical purposes to inform people about things they do not know about ... That is a huge difference.

How does the western world emulate ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was known for its art, music, and architecture. They were also known for poetry and writing. All of these things are things that people in western culture emulate.