Why are your breast itching?

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Its means their growing or it is also a sign that your period is coming soon.

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Q: Why are your breast itching?
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Related questions

Why my Breast is itching and the skin peeling?

Because they are growing.

Is itching breasts a sign of breast cancer?

More of a fungal or bacterial infection of the breast.

Can breast implants cause itching of the breast?

Sometimes it can but sometimes it doesnt it all depends

My left breast has been itching a lot lately and there was also a whitehead that I popped do you have any idea on why my breast is constantly itching and why there was a whitehead?

cause your to young to have them and your trying to get a baby to hard..... i am sorry fro you......are they filled with jelly?

Can breast growth cause itch?

im 12 and i get itching in my brests asell so i think it does cause itching Yes, because the skin is stretching.

What is the superstitious meaning for breast itching?

It means that you lifemate is near than you could ever imagine

May have intraductal papliloma now your breast are itching could this be caused from it?

I just had a pappilloma removed in Dec. It produces symptoms such as bloody nipple discharge and nipple dysfunctions. The itching could be anything from dry skin to breast infection. It's not cancer but DCIS (breast cancer of the milk ducts) can mimic an I.P. in a ultrasound so you really need to have it checked.

Why would breasts start itching especially around the nipple area?

Dryness of the nipples could cause itching. They could be peeling, especially if they're dry or you sunbathed naked. What if there is no dryness or peeling? Note, in the original question no such skin condition was mentioned. Suppose there is no obvious anomaly and the itching feels as if it is coming from inside the breast, not from the skin? Although the entire breast area may itch, it may be the most intense around the nipple. One possible cause for this "is" breast cancer, with or without other symptoms. Should the itching persist for more than a few weeks, she should have it examined by her physician.

What are the symptoms of breast growth?

I hav e breast pain ten days befors my mensural cycle and itching is also occur. My breast is ino is very big and one is little bit small compared to left is there any problem for me

Are breast itching and headaches a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. I didn't have either, but I know some friends had both. If you are late you should test.

If your breasts are itching all the time is that a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, my breast swelled at first, and they itched all the time. I took a lot of baths!

Why do I have a burning sensation on my left breast and itching both on the nipple is that something you should be worried about?

ummm im not sure, but i'd contact your doctor

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