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On my 1999 there is a switch in the overhead console which can override the door and courtesy light switches. I often use it if one of the kids has fallen asleep in the back with the light on.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-18 16:10:33
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Q: Why are your inside light on 2004 Montana not working?
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How does water get into the inside fuse panel on a 2004 Pontiac Montana and will things start working again when it dries out?

Probably have a window leak. Once totally dried out it should be o/k

What are the stereo color codes on a 2004 Pontiac Montana?

where can I find the color code number for my 2004 Montana

How do you change a fog light on a 2004 Mazda 6?

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Reset 2004 Honda accord check engine light?

You can reset the 2004 Honda Accord check engine light by removing the instrument light fuse. The location of the fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Does 2004 CTS have glove box light and If so where is it?

If it has a glove box light the light will be located inside the glove box. Just look and see if there is one.

What is the light with an explanation mark in it for a 2004 ford explorer?

There is a low tire pressure warning light that shows an explanation mark inside a tire

2004 Montana van brake light on and brakes are good?

possible switch on emerg, possible ABS issue, may be low on fluid

Where is the towing light harness on a 2004 Honda Odyssey?

inside the tire change tool door located inside left after opening tailgate door

What does the brake bulb light mean on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

The "BRAKE BULB" light means that a brake bulb is not working and may require replacing.

How do you change tail light on 2004 F150?

you open the tailgate and look at the taillight and there will be two screws on the inside of the tail light. you just take the screws out and pop the light housing out.

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Where is the fuel pump relay on 2004 Ford Taurus 3.0?

Inside the trunk on the passenger side behind the trunk light

On 2004 Dodge Dakota where is the dome light switch on door?

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How do you get to the bulb on a 2004 Honda CRV to unhook it and replace it Do you come at it from the outside of the car or inside?

the inside, there's a panel underneath, unfortunately you have to manually dislodge the interior directly on the inside of the lightAdded: WHAT BULB ARE YOU ASKING ABOUT?

2004 Pontiac grand prix gt2 changing tail light bulb?

Inside the trunk there is plastic thumb screws right behind the tail light unscrew them and pull the whole tail light out.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado with working turn signals?

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Why is the brake light in 2004 Toyota Highlander not working?

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Does the 2004 Pontiac Montana have an interference engine?

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How do you change a tail light in a 2004 Nissan Altima?

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