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That is natural for them to do that.

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Can you put dwarf hamsters and guinea pigs together?

No. The guinea pig is much bigger than a dwarf hamster, and putting them together may cause harm to the dwarf hamster.

Which name is better for a female dwarf hamster Minnie or Abby?

Minnie, because its a dwarf hamster(:

Is a dwarf hamster the same thing as a dwarf guinea pig?

No. They are entirely different species.

How can you put 2 dwarf hamsters together?

You can put two Dwarf Hamsters together but if you put a male and a female together they most likely have babies. You can put a male Dwarf Hamster and a male Dwarf Hamster together and you can put a female Dwarf Hamster with a femaleDwarf Hamster. Just make sure the two hamsters don't fight.

Is there such thing of a dwarf guinea pig?

Well I thought a hamster was a darwf hamster . I have a guniea pig do not know.

Can a male dwarf hamster and a female teddy bear hamster mate?

No they can not only Dwarf hamsters can mate Dwarf hamsters Only Teddy bears can mate Rex hamster or teddy bear hamster or Regular hamsters.

Can the baby dwarf hamster be with the male also?

Yes, the dwarf hamster is the only kind of hamster that the babies can be with the male and female. He can actually help raise the babies.

How do you breed a dwarf hamster?

you just buy a male and a female hamster and they will eventually mate

Do guinea pigs store things in their cheeks?

No. When a guinea pigs eats it may swish a little to the side, but they don't have storage pouches inside their cheeks like dwarf hamsters. (I'm a guinea pig expert, not a hamster expert. My friend had a dwarf hamster that I would babysit, so I know dwarf hamsters do.)

What is bigger male or female dwarf hamster?

The male of course.

What would happen if i put a male dwarf hamster in with my 2 female hamsters?

the male hamster will choose one female hamster and the left one will die

Will female Robo Dwarf Hamster have babies if there are no male?

No, there has to be a male so the female can get pregnant.

Can a female Robo Dwarf Hamster mate with a male winter white dwarf hamster?

No, they cannot because all hamsters have to be the same breed to mate.

Can a male Russian Dwarf hamster mate with a female Robo Dwarf hamster?

No, they cannot breed together because they have to be the same breed. . . Or you might end up with one dead hamster.

How long does it take your female dwarf hamster to be fertilized?

For my hamster, it to about 10 seconds for her to become physically fertilized.

Will the Siberian dwarf hamster be okay if it doesnt live with another hamster?

If you get anotherfemale hamster the mother of the hammy they with fight and the female hamster will eat the baby hamster.! If you don't know if you have a female or male go to animal doctor and they will tell you if they female or male?

Can a golden hamster be with a female albino hamster and make babies?

'Golden' hamster is an alternate name for a Syrian Hamster. Assuming the albino female is too a Syrian Hamster, then yes, they can mate. If it's some variety of dwarf hamster, then no.

How long does it take for a dwarf female hamster to get pregnant?

3 weeks

Will two male dwarf hamsters fight over a female dwarf hamster?

Yes, they are very vicious for their size.

Whats better a dwarf hamster or a guinea pig for a 13-year old?

A guinea pig would likely live longer.

Do you have to separate the male and female hamster after mating?

You can leave them in the same cage ONLY if they are dwarf hamsters. No other breed of hamster can you put the male and female together with the babies, the male will hurt, kill, or even eat the babies. The male dwarf hamster, however, can actually help raise the babies with the female.

Is it possible that your dwarf hamster is having a 'period'?

Yes, if it is female. All female creatures have a "cycle."

How big are female dwarf hamsters?

Dwarf hamsters never usually get big. My female hamster was only about 3 or 4 inches long. Hope this helped! (:

Can you put your 7 month old dwarf hamster with a new six week old dwarf hamster?

If they are both female yes. Keep all males alone in a cage.

Can a female dwarf hamster have babies without a male hamster?

yes but it is unlikely to have more than one baby like this