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When the onions leaves put their enitre energy into the bulbs that turned into onions, it start dying. Pull your onions out once the leaves die.

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What are the ingredients to Spongebob's sundae in 'Something Smells?

Ketchup, onions, and peanuts. Now the peanuts are pratically dying and dried out, and you have to add the roots soil and dirt.

What are the different types of cuts of onions?

* There are whit onions, Purple onions and all sort of onions * There are whit onions, Purple onions and all sort of onions

What onions and garlic?

Do not Answer!?!?!?!?! ??!?!?!? ?????? !!!!!! @

Do onions have flowers?

Onions do flower. All the white onions and about 6 of the red onions have beautiful flowers on them

What is the difference between green onions and white onions?

Green onions are green, white onions are white.

Are green onions the same as spring onions?

yes, green onions, spring onions, scallions, salad olins are the same. green onions are very similar to normal onions exept their taste is slightly milder.

Are cocktail onions shrunken onions or small grown onions?

small grown

How do you mince onions for a recipe?

1. get onions2. peel the onions3. chop the onions4. keep chopping the onions5. keep chopping until they are in little squares

How many onions would it take to get 14 cups of onions?

It depends on how big the onions are. I'd say 2 onions per cup.

Where are onions grown?

Onions are grown in soil

What rhymes with onions?

bunions rhymes with "onions."

Are onions vegetables?

Yes, onions are vegetables.

Are onions fruit?

onions are not fruit, they have no seeds

Is there sugar in onions?

There is sugar in all onions.

Why were onions invented?

onions were not invented. they were discovered.

Do onions have organs?

Onions do not have organs but do have cells

What should you look for when buying onions?


Can you get a fever from onions?

No, you cannot get a fever from onions.

Why are some onions sweet?

Sweet onions contain less sulfur than ordinary onions.

Do raccoons eat onions?

No, onions are not one of the raccoon's foods. Onions can be toxic to many animals.

How many kinds of onions are there?

Onions are classified into two categories. Green onions or scallions and dry onions, which are mature onions. There are many varieties of onions and range from red to white to yellow. Some are classified by the pungency, hot and mild. Because onions are being hybridized it would be hard to know how many kinds there are.

Can cooked onions make you sick?

Cooked onions can make you sick if you have an allergy to compounds in the onions. Also, if the onions are old, then the bacterial growth can make you sick.

What is a collective noun for onions?

The collective noun is a rope of onions.There are actually many collective nouns for onions. For example: a bushel of onions, a bag of onions (the word bag is a concrete noun, naturally, but is also a collective noun when used in this context), a lot of onions, or a bunch of onions.All of these are legitimate collective nouns that can be used to describe onions (there are of course many more).

What was eaten at the top of the mountain in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

onions :) they ate onions purple onions

How did Onions get their name in Pikmin?

Olimar names the Onions such because they look like the onions in his favorite soup.

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