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Girls in Iran studies at School, University and work as well as Boys. Even they study more than Boys !! :)

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Q: Why aren't girls allowed to go to school in Iran?
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In what country are girls not able to go to school?


Why don't girls go to school in Iran?

cause there to busy having xes

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because top gear did something wrong and scared Iran of the bbc

Is export of welding electrodes banned to Iran 'Islamic Republic of' from India?

Welding electrodes are allowed to import goods to Iran. Only imports of luxury goods areillegal in Iran.

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It's because it's against Islam.

Which event triggered the seizure of the American hostages in Iran?

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What do Iran kids have to wear in school?

they were suits

How is school in Iran?

From other wiki.answers:-What is school like in Iran? They are like any other regular school. they have classes, labs,gyms and etc.but they are divided to two kinds: boys school and girls school(What_are_Iran_schools_like)-What time does school start? in private ones starts from 7:30am to 3:00pm.the others from 7:30am to 12:00pm or 1:30pm.there are three bells before 12:00pm and one or two after both sex in schools.boys is seprated from girls.teachers and managers are so strict and whatever(What_is_a_school_day_like_in_Iran)-What is the time they start school in Iran? You have to be in the classroomat 7:00 am and the homework and schoolwork is so hard you need to spend hours on your homework(What_is_the_time_they_start_school_in_Iran)

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Yes. There are many many beautiful girls in Iran.

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you are not allowed to date in Iran, you are separated by gender until marrying age.

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No. Pizza Huts (and other American fast-food restaurants) are not allowed in Iran. However, there are many "fake" fast-food restaurants that are clearly modeled on the American ones. For instance, there is a Pizza Hat chain in Iran.