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Why aren't elephants smarter than humans?

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2011-12-29 18:02:41

Because they have no ability to think and act as humans.


The intelligence of elephants is well known. Their brains are as

complex and larger than those of humans. They exhibit many traits

of human intelligent behaviour:

  • grief
  • learning
  • allomothering
  • mimicry
  • art
  • play
  • a sense of humor
  • altruism
  • use of tools
  • compassion
  • cooperation
  • self-awareness
  • sense of family and tribe
  • memory
  • language

The question is then"Are they smarter than humans." which

presupposes that humans are the benchmark of intelligence. In that

elephant intelligent behaviour exceeds human behaviour in many

aspects in that they:

  • don't kill or murder
  • are loyal
  • can survive without technology
  • don't steal
  • care for their ill and aged

it may be that they are smarter than humans.

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