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If you are charting your basal body temps, you would probably know when you are ovulating (although you wouldn't know when until you've ovulated). Another way to tell is by getting an ultrasound done. I would suggest you to try another brand and see what happens. I also had one particular brand that didn't detect the surge, while few others did (I tested all three side by side). So you could be ovulating, but opk is not detecting it. Good Luck!

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Q: Why aren't ovulation kits catching your LH surge when you know you are ovulating?
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Why after three months of using Ovulation test am I not showing a LH surge could I not have that hormone?

It appears you may not be ovulating. If you want to get pregnant seek medical advice.

What does it mean if you have detected a LH surge on a home ovulation kit but your Basal Body Temperature does not change to show a progesterone increase?

if LH is up you are ovulating and progesterone should lower down.

Hormone responsible for ovulation?

LH surge.

Can you miss an lh surge?

Do you mean detection of the surge or the surge itself? Either is possible.If you have regular cycles, most likely you are surging regularly. One surges about 12-36 hrs before ovulation, and a surge always preceeds ovulation. It is possible to have a truncated surge without ovulating, such as when breatsfeeding or when under stress, but, for the most part, without regular surging, and thus regular ovulation, one does not get a regular period.As far as missing the detection, it is quite easy to miss. Often the surge is sharp and short. Thus if one is testing only one time per day near ovulation time, a surge may slip through the 24-hr crack. Once you know your body, it become easy to see when one is near a surge. At that point, if she tests 2x per day, it is much easier to catch.As far as no surge itself, it would signal an anaovulatory month.

Do you have Lh surge if your pregnant?

No, the LH surge shows your ovulation (the release of the ripe egg) is due.

A sudden surge in lh concentration causes?

a surge of testosterone in males and it causes ovulation in females.

Ovulation occurs due to a surge in?

LH - leuteinizing hormone

What hormone surge directly triggers ovulation?

luteinizing hormone (LH)

If you LH surge does that mean you are definitely ovulating?

No, you can have the LH surge occur but not actually ovulate. The LH surge shows the body is gearing up to release an egg, but it doesn't show that it has (or will) actually happen. For example some women after a miscarriage may have a cycle or two before they ovulate again, but during that time may still see an LH surge on an ovulation predictor kit. As well women with PCOS may see a "surge" for several days even when they are anovulatory.

What happens when the level of LH is high?

When your body has an LH surge, you are ovulating and may become pregnant.

Can you have LH surge after ovulation?

No, you cannot. The LH surge happens just before ovulation, but if you ovulate late you may think you already had a LH surge earlier in your cycle. As a result of stress, hormonal imbalance or PCOS women may have patches of fertile mucus and positive PKO test alternating with dry mucus and negative PKO before the real ovulation occurs.

Your LH surge is showing low Should you wait to have intercourse until the surge is high?

Ovulation predictor kits, which measure the LH surge, are sensitive to the surge about 24 to 48 hours before ovulation. Sperm can live in the body for up to 72 hours, so even if the kit is showing a low surge, your chances of getting pregnant are higher if you have sex for the next few days than just waiting for the surge to be high.

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