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Why asteroids frequently visit earth?


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Asteroids frequently visit Earth because many of them pass very close to the Earth's orbit around the Sun. ~E. Plaga

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Craters are a significant sign of collisions with asteroids therefore yes asteroids collide with Earth

Asteroids that occasionally cross the orbit of Earth are known as Near Earth Asteroids. Asteroids that both cross the orbit of the Earth and are large enough to pose a significant threat in the event of an impact are known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.

In the beginning of the history of the solar system the Earth was bombarded frequently by asteroids. Now the frequency has diminished significantly but still many tons of "space rocks" fall into the Earth's atmosphere each year some of these hit the ground.

asteroids vary in size from rock size to earth size and bigger.

The asteroids were coming fast to earth

We know that asteroids have hit the earth because they cause indentations when they hit.

It is possible for comets and asteroids to hit Earth, but they are extremely rare events.

No. Asteroids can hit anywhere on earth.

Comets and Asteroids can affect the Earth by ...A Asteroid hitting Earth and causing a crater and a Comet can cause excitement on Earth if they are spotted.

Scientist say that a large sum of asteroids did a big bang and the asteroids created the lava core in the center of the Earth, when the Earth spun the heat cooled down so that bits of rock and environment could form. So according to scientist asteroids created Earth. Basically he means that earth was made from rock

Asteroids strike the surface of the Earth randomly. There is no place on the earth that is a preferred location for asteroid strikes.

Asteroids hit earth because when asteroids are floating because of the gravity when it goes out of gravity it floats to earth and hits earth.And please be helpful and click if it was helpful or not and then flag it if there was something wrong and thank you.

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The only relationship is that the asteroids and the Earth share the same orbital centre - they both orbit around the Sun.

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Earth has humans,water,and oxygen.

Most asteroids are not in the same plane as earth. The word plane is quite generic. Some asteroids come very close to earth, and that is not a good thing as they could cause serious damage.

because earth has an atmosphere which makes asteroids burn up before they hit the ground but the moon has no atmosphere so it can't stop asteroids. also, the moon shields the earth from some asteroids.

No, they start breaking down to a small rock, asteroids enter the earths atmosphere frequently.

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Gravity causes them to hit the Earth.

No. They orbit the sun.

Meteorites are asteroids that strike the Earth.

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