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The recirculate button closes the vents from the outside using only the inside air that is already inside. In cold weather, constantly introducing cold air into the vehicle may offset that slightly or more. It doesn't take much to keep already warm air to temperature. On the flip side, you would always use the recirculate when your air conditioning is on or the air will warm up from warmer air outside the vehicle.

if you do that in cold weather your windows will fog up and freeze so do it only for a few minutes

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How does the climate control system works on a jet?

the battery

Grand prix fan blower only works on high?

u need a new control button switch the button that has 3 nobs on it that control temp .i had same problem only works on 5 right.

What does go button mean?

'Go' as in a 'Go' button or control simply works the same as an 'enter' key, or other facilitating command.

What are the steps to get the cruise control works?

push the cruise button on then the set button on some cars you cant set until you reach 55mph

How does automatic climate control work?

Hi, The automatic climate control works like if you set the temprature of in side the car to 25. Then the automatic climate control stops your heater or a.c. to increase or decrease the temprature than 25. In other words, it controls the in side climate automatically to that particular temprature. k.Chander

Blower on 2001 Buick wont recirculate and increase speed only makes noise?

2001 buick lesabr // when recirculate speed doesnt change only make humming sound rest of heater works fine

Fan only works on high on a 2004 highlander?

faulty switch, replace it(the one on your climate control panel)

Honda accord 2000 Cruise control button not working on dash board?

On my 2000 accord the cruise control panel on the left of the steering wheel is out. But the dashboard light still works and so does the actual cruise control. As long as the cc still works its not a big deal.

You have two 1988 grand marquis one is an ls and one is a gs with an ls package. the ls has the automatic climate control and you was wondering if you could just swap the climate control units in the?

Yes - IF and ONLY if both Cars have Automatic Climate Control. The computer settings are different (Or are 'supposed' to be) - You can always try - if it works great, if not, at least you know.

In the game assassins creed 2 how do you use health?

u know the control pad right? press the left button! it works!

Fan only works on high for the climate control system on 1999 Chevy prism?

Defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

Is there any other tools i could use to remove the climate control panel on a thunderbird?

yes get to tools to remove the radio and it will remove the climate control panel. i used a wire hanger and snip it into 2 pieces bent them to shape and it works just fine.

How does a microwave works?

You press the on button

How do you turn the air on inside the car 2001jetta?

push the button and have the fan on. the button is located right under the fan control dial. the button on the left turns the a/c on and the one on the right is for recirculation (max air). the a/c only works when the fan is on and shuts off when the fan is off.

Do linksys have a aoss button?

Not really they have SES button (CISCO BUTTON) which is essentially the same but I don't believe it works the same.

The button you push to turn on the television no longer works. Is there away of turning on the television?

If your television has an IF "eye," it may be powered on using a remote control. Sorry your screwed.

Would like to know how the button works on a Lincoln navigator fwd of the year 1999 In which position the button should be?

On a 1999 lincoln Navigator : If you are asking about the Control - Trac 4x4 system control dial : ( A4WD ) is Automatic 4 wheel drive , if the back wheels " slip " then some of the power is transferred to the front wheels

What is wrong with your Climate control heater works only on full power setting but not on automatic or lower settings Vectra CDX?

Defective heater blower motor resistor pack.

How can one assess if his pool has a clog in the filter line and how does he fix it?

Check the psi on the filter tank? If its lower than usual there is something stuck in the lines or jammed in the pump impeller. If its higher than normal, it just needs to be cleaned. Also, if you put the multiport handle into the recirculate position, this will bypass the filter. If everything works better in recirculate then you have a filter problem

Is there a radio installation kit for Taurus - Sable with electronic climate control?

I have a 1998 Sable and have not yet found the dash kit / conversion kit that works with the electronic climate control.This would apply to all 1996-1999 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable models with electronic climate control.Some people have installed a radio into the space below where the ashtray is. Very ambitious project.Search around the Taurus Car Club site and you'll find some photos of how they did it.

How do you connect a second remote control to xbox 360?

On the front of the controller there will be a small button on the left side (left if you are holding the remote normally) There will then be a button that looks similar to that one on the console. Make sure the xbox and controller are both on, press and hold the button on the controller, then press and hold the button on the console. If it works, then the controller light will flash 3 times and connect.

Your Havoc Heli turns and nothing works what do you do?

you have to chek your control battery and when you put new batterys press and hold the trim button until the heli will work or you could slide the bottom

How do you change the light bulb behind the climate control display on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

You can't change out the lights. The bulbs are soldered into the climate control board. Which is very stupid because I have bought two separate controls and everyone has been burned out. The only thing a person can do is find a person who works on electronics and have then find bulbs and soldered them in.

How do you disable the alarm on a 97 Honda Civic?

You should be able to use your key to unlock the driver's door to deactivate the alarm or to use the remote control. If neither works, there is a button in between the AM/FM and CD button on your Honda stero, and holding it down will deactivate the alarm.

Where is the set-up button on a PSP?

Unfortunately, PlayStation Portables do not have a setup button on it. However, pressing the select button on the main menu works as the setup button if your PSP is modified.