Why banks require down payments?

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To prove that you have the means to conduct the affair you are proposing. Also to legally "enact" the contract in respect of the payment.

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Q: Why banks require down payments?
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What describes an installment loan?

Installment loans require monthly payments to pay the loan.

What banks offer loans that are interest only?

Interest Only Fixed Rate Loans. These mortgages require only interest payments for 10 years. All of the major banks have these type of loans like PNC Bank or Chase.

Do you need a down payment to refinance a car loan?

No. Banks may ask but most lenders do not require a downpayment.

How much down and what are your monthly payments ?

How much down and what are your monthly payments

What are the advantages of banks using ACH payments?

Some of the advantages of banks using ACH would be that it is automatic and electronically handled. It makes your life easier. You will never have to worry about late payments and easy to keep track of the payments also.

Which national banks can one get advice for help with mortgage payments?

One can get help with mortgage payments at many national banks. Such banks include First National Bank, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), Amarillo, Woodforest, MNB Bank and Trustmark.

Why do banks require guarantee?

They want to know that they will get the money that they are owed back. Too many people today fail to pay back loans for a variety of reasons, some even narcissistic. Banks are becoming more conscience of this and requiring more down payments, higher interest and more guarantees. If you loaned money you would wannt to make sure you got money back, wouldn't you?

Is there such a thing where there are banks that can buy you out of your chapter 13 and make payments to them?

No. Only a scam.

Why are banks closing down?

Banks are closing down because they cant pay there rent.

How can you get the cheapest car loan?

you have to ask banks i know key banks min is like 5k and the monthly payments will be low if you have amazing credit

If your payments are up to date but you want to turn the car in early because the payments is a financial burden what will this do to your credit?

It will make a repo appear on ones CR and subsequent loans will require a higer interest rate and possibly higher down payment.

Where can one obtain no down payments home loans in the UK?

Most banks offer no money down home loans. It is not adviced though because they have higher interest costs. If you still want this loan, you can get one at the HSBC bank

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