Why be moral?

you need to be moral for many reasons. First of all you need to be moral to get to heaven. On judgment day immorality will not help you at all. So if you want to get to heaven be moral.


The need to be moral:

To understand why we have to be moral we must know about the two basic forces we have.
They are,
1. Involuntary/ automatic force - mighty, eternal, uncontrollable force
2. Voluntary/ manual force - small, temporary, controllable force.

Advantages of being moral:
1. Voluntary force is necessary to deal with a change. If we have sufficient voluntary force we need not have to be moral. We can be immoral secretly or in a way acceptable to the society.
However, if our Voluntary force is depleted then we would have just uncontrollable Involuntary force. Then our behavior has to be acceptable to all. Therefore, we have to be moral always.

2. If we are religious we have to be moral even if we can afford to be immoral because if we can get rid of our voluntary force we can use our mighty involuntary force, which we call god.