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It needs a material medium for propagation

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What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

Why cant a sound wave travel through a vacuum?

Sound is waves through matter. In a vacuum, there is no matter. No matter, no sound.

Why cant sound travel through a vacuum?

Because sound 'travels' by vibrating nearby air, since there's no air in vacuum, no sound will travel through it.

Why do light waves travel through a vacuum but a sound wave can't?

sound waves are vibrations that travel though air. Light is a spectrum of colours this means that light can go through a vacuum but sound cant Wazzupp Niggaaaa!!!!!

Why cant sound travel in a vacum?

Sound travels through what is called a medium, a medium can be anything made of matter and a vacuum has no medium preventing sound from traveling

Why cant you hear one one another in space in space?

Sound needs something to travel through. That's usually air on Earth. Space is a vacuum - therefore, sound cannot travel through it.

What does sound need to travel through?

sound needs a medium to travel through, it could be air, a gas ,solid,or liquid sound cant travel through a vacum

Explain why cant sound travel through vacuums?

there is no air in a vaccum. and sound needs air for the sound waves to travel through.

Why cant you listen sound on the moon?

There is no air for sound to travel through.

Why can't sound travel on an asteroid?

sound cant travel on an asteroid because it has no atmosphere. it could travel through it.

Can compression waves be transmitted through a vacuum of space?

no the only waves that can go through space is the electromagnetic waves and it doesnt need sound or matter to travel.compressional waves have to come off of something and travel{like sound} it cant travel because there is nothing to travel through.the vacuum of space is just nothing and only light can go through as well, but it takes time.

Why cant sound waves travel through space?

There is no matter in space. Sound needs matter to travel.

Can light and sound travel through space?

light can but sound cant as there is no air

Why cant sound travel through empty space?

Because sound is made from vibrations and vibrations cant travle through empty space

Why cant sound waves travel through a vaccuum?

No medium to carry the sound energy.

Why cant sound travel from planet to planet?

Because space is a Vacuum, there are not enough gas molecules around to transfer the sound waves.

Why cant sound travel in a vacuum?

From the Sound Wiki - Sound is a travelling wave which is an oscillation of pressure...A true vacuum is the total absence of matter in a given space.Therefore, in a true vacuum, there is no matter in which to produce the pressure differences which lead to the production of a sound wave nor is there a medium for any would-be wave travel.

Why cant you hear the sun here on earth?

Because sound doesn't traverse through a vacuum, sound requires air to pass through in a wave (sound wave).

Why cant we hear each other on the moon?

The Moon has no atmosphere, only vacuum. There is nothing for the sound waves to travel in.

Why cant you hear a bell inside of a vacuum jar?

Sound is mechanical energy, and the energy of the sound is transferred into the medium through which it is travelling. As the energy of sound is carried by the medium, the vacuum of space will not support a sound wave.

How does a satellites move in space when its vacuum?

well space is like a vacuum you cant escape it and sound wave do not travel in space but space isn't literally a vacuum so they move by rockets and the gravity of earth

What are some interesting facts about sound energy?

sound energy require some kind of material to travel through and they cant move through a vaccum

Why is a vacuum a good material for ear defender?

a vacuum is a space with no particles in it. Sound needs particles to travel through because it is just vibrations travelling through the air. Particles vibrate and hit each other and pass the vibration on. But if there is no particles, the vibration cant travel so you cant hear anything- that's why astronauts need radios to communicate, space is a vacuum. Sound travels better through solids because the particles are tightly packed together so the vibrations are passed on more quickly whereas in a gas the particles are spaced further away from each other and can travel around, so they don't hit each other as often, so the sound vibrations take more time to travel around. So yeah i guess a vacuum is a good material for an ear defender :)

Why cant you here in space?

Sound waves require matter to pass through. In space there is no matter for the waves to travel through.

Why can't sound waves travel though space?

sound waves cant travel through space because there is no oxygen, and if there is no oxygen there is nothing to carry the sound waves. youre welcom theSas

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