Why can't i boil things in cooking mama?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Why can't i boil things in cooking mama?
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How do you play cooking mama online?

You cant. It is a Nintendo and Wii game.

How do you put cooking mama on two player?

unfortunatly there is no two player mode on cooking mama, you can send demos to your friends but you cant do any minigames.

How do you boil on cooking mama?

All you have to do is change the heat when the thing on top scroll over to the arrow then you change it and then you will get terrific.

Is cooking mama 2 worth it?

That depends on you. If you liked Cooking Mama, im pretty sure you'll like Cooking Mama 2. For me, Cooking Mama 2 is better than Cooking Mama but Cooking Mama 3 beats all of them

How do you chill things in the frige on cooking mama 3?

Go to the fridge

When did Cooking Mama happen?

Cooking Mama happened in 2006.

What is cooking mama's real name?

Cooking Mama. LOLZ.

Is there going to be a cooking mama 5?

not that i have heard i dont think there is a cooking mama 4 so that will have to come out before cooking mama 5 so maybe there will be a cooking mama 5 in the future

Is Cooking Mama a good game?

depends. do you like a cooking mama?

Where can you buy Cooking Mama?

We bought cooking Mama @ wal*mart.

How many different cooking mama games are there?

there are far: Cooking Mama World Kitchen, Cooking Mama Cook off, and Cooking Mama games 1,2 and 3. There is also Babysitting Mama, Crafting Mama and Gardening Mama. So if you count those it makes 8 games.

Cheats for cooking mama?

I don't believe there are any cheats to Cooking Mama