Why can't i scroll down on my game?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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if you cant do anyting with it except use the buttons, i had the same issue, its not that big of a deal but all you have to do to fix it is, plug it into the computer and click "RESTORE" in iTunes, it might take a while but it does work and it should haveall of your saved data from before so after hittin restore just click all the stuff u want on there and it should work :D

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Q: Why can't i scroll down on my game?
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Why can't I scroll down on woozworld?

It won't let you scroll down because the animators made the game that way! HOPE THIS HELPED!

How can you have a new game in HeartGold?

By hitting new game in the title scene. Just scroll down.

What game on PBS kids is an adventure game?

webonuats just go to all shows which if you scroll over the wheel it will pop up then scroll down and find it

How do you make your scroll bar from going up and down while playing a game?

click where the game is then play

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How do you scroll down on webkinz website?

you can not scroll down on webkinz

What do you do with the scroll on Bin Weevils?

It cant do anything

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you cant if your pressing up and down keys on a scroll page. tip on you tube if your waiting for your video to load press down key and see what happens! if your screen goes down click the screen and then try it!

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Scroll down 2 the bottom Scroll down to the bottom scroll down to the bottom scroll down to the bottom

When i use pokesav i can only see the top half of the program so i cant edit the stuff that's at the bottom of it cus it gets cut off please help how do i fix this?

scroll down or you might have to get a new game system sorry it most likely has nothing to do with the game

How do you scroll down facebook on MAC with mouse?

how to scroll down on MAC with mouse

What do you do if if your action replay doesnt read any of your games?

You manually scroll down the list until you get to the game