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Why can't you mix alcohol and Prozac?


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Mixing Alcohol & Prozac:

  • There is a simple way to figure out whether one should drink on ANY medication and it's as easy as getting a 'print out' of the medication from your pharmacist or asking your pharmacist or doctor. On any antidepressants it states very clearly that one should not mix with alcohol!
  • There is no specific physiological reason why you cannot mix Prozac (fluoxetine) with ethanol. They have no direct interactions. However, alcohol is classified as a depressant, and if you are taking the Prozac to help with depression it may not be wise to mix it with alcohol. Additionally, if you are taking medication other than Prozac you would want to make sure that it would be safe to drink alcohol with those medicines. In conclusion, it probably wouldn't harm you physically if you drank alcohol with Prozac, but if you are serious about fighting your depression then try to stay away from the alcohol at least for a little while. And as always alcohol in excess is never a good idea whether or not you are taking medicines, so try to moderate your drinking and if you believe you have a problem with alcohol talk to someone about it.
  • There are not only risks to your psychological health, but your physical health as well - mixing any antidepressant with alcohol is bad for your liver.