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Why can't you sign up for WikiAnswers?

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You have to be 13 years or older to sign up for an account. You also need to have a Facebook account to sign up.

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Is it safe to sign up for Wikianswers?

It is perfectly safe to sign up for WikiAnswers.

Why cant you sign in to WikiAnswers?

You can. You have to create a user name and password though, just like an email account. Then you can sign in!

Does it cost to sign up fo WikiAnswers?

No, a Wikianswers account is free of charge.

How do you get a username and a password on WikiAnswers?

When you sign up for WikiAnswers, you are asked to choose your own username and password; you can personalize it from there during the sign-up process.(See the Related question on how to become a member of WikiAnswers.)

Is it free to sign up for this website?

Yes, it is completely free to sign up for this website. WikiAnswers

How do you make an WikiAnswers account?

you should be able to see a sign which says sign up or sign in

How do you get to be a contributor?

If you sign up for WikiAnswers you become a contributor but you can also contribute being a guest. And signing up for WikiAnswers is Free.

Can you still sign up for WikiAnswers if you are under 13?

No. Anyone signing up for WikiAnswers who is under 13 is doing so contrary to the TOU.

How can you participate in The WikiAnswers Community Forum?

You just sign up for a WikiAnswers account, and once you have signed up, you are able to participate in The Community Forum.

How do you make your own page here in WikiAnswers?

The only page that you can have on WikiAnswers is your Bio Page, which you automatically get and can edit at your leisure when you sign up for a WikiAnswers account.

How do you login to Answers without Facebook?

There is no way to sign up for WikiAnswers without using Facebook. All users who wish to make a WikiAnswers account must sign up using a Facebook account.

Why cant you sign up for codysimpsoncom?

you have to be over 13 to sign up and create an account at codysimpson.com

Can You Sign Up For WikiAnswers if you are 12 years old?

No, you have do be at least 13 years old like it said when you try to sign up.

Why shouldn't you sign up for an account on WikiAnswers?

The only reasons you shouldn't sign up for a WikiAnswers account are: * Your intent is to ask inappropriate questions and/or answer questions inappropriately. * Your intent is to vandalize WikiAnswers in any way. * If you are going to advertise your website or business everywhere but your Bio Page.

Why cant you get an ijji account?

You need to sign get a email and sign up first.

How do you speed up the WikiAnswers page?

Sign up for a FREE membership and avoid all the advertisements.

Can you sign up here for free?

Sure. WikiAnswers does not charge to create an account.

How do you sign up for 2011 scorpion island?

On the cbbc website but you cant always sign up. You have to wait till theres actually spaces on the show for you to sign up.

Why should you sign up to WikiAnswers?

By signing up for WikiAnswers, you can edit answers, and answer questions.It's fun and you help people get answers. And it also kills time when you might be bored

Why can't I improve an answer without an account on WikiAnswers?

Signing up for an account allows you to use more advanced features on WikiAnswers. You can't edit questions without signing up for an account because WikiAnswers wants you to sign up and contribute to WikiAnswers. Think of not signing up as a demo version of WikiAnswers - you can use some of the features of WikiAnswers, just to get a feel for WikiAnswers, and we give you just enough so you can figure out how everything works on WikiAnswers. Signing up for your account gives you all the standard features on WikiAnswers that you didn't get in your 'demo' version of WikiAnswers. The standard features include editing, while the demo version does not. Signing up for WikiAnswers is completely free, so signing up for WikiAnswers will allow you to edit questions. The other main reason is because of vandalism. 90% of vandalism occurs from unregistered users on WikiAnswers, so giving unregistered users the power to edit a question could potentially give them the power to wipe out every answer on WikiAnswers. That is why you must sign up for an account to edit.

How can you get Plants vs Zombies for free?

you cant you have to sign up for it

How do ye sign out of WikiAnswers?

You just press sign out.

How do you earn money from WikiAnswers?

Join an Answerthon by clicking the Sign Up button on the WikiFAQs:Answerthon page.

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