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why cant you smell pine from your pine trees?

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Because they want to. No, the pine trees smell so the can give oxygen

Well, there is no exsact

because Christmas trees are pine, unless they're artificial!

The resin (sap) has a distinctive smell.

Because it smell like Pine trees

no you cant see or smell oxygen it comes from trees

"Little Trees" royal pine car air freshner. They resemble and smell like little pine trees. They are still available.

Pines manufacture a volatile compounds known as terpenes which have a characteristic smell. These are evaporated from the trees to produce both the pine aroma and the blue haze associated with pine or coniferous forests. Some insects and hops (for beer making) also produce these compounds. The scent of pine is fairly similar to that of rosemary, if you're familiar with that. Pine tree air freshener.

It all depends on the person who is smelling it!! If you like the smell of pine then I'm sure that you will like the smell of a Christmas Tree, if you don't like the smell of pine then you probably won't like the smell of a Christmas Tree! All in all it all depends on your opinion.

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

No, pine trees are not sexual.

Vix smells like alpha pinene, the very same substance that makes pine trees smell so good.

Pine trees are not seedless. The seeds are located in the pine cones.

Pine trees have quite a few things that fern and mosses do not. Pine trees have pine cones and a wooden trunk.

A plantation (area of trees) of pine trees

No, pine trees do not produce flowers.

Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

Evergreens or Pine Trees

No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.

pine trees thrive in Florida

4 to 6 is the pH of pine trees

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous softwoods.

do pine trees get there water from roots or needles

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