Why can't you stop your dog from barking?

== == Possibly due to inconsistent correction. When teaching a dog to stop barking you have to be sure to do it consistently every time the dog barks. If it is allowed to bark some of the time it will be confused. If verbal training does not work there are various types of training aids available such as shock collars or collars that emit citronella when the dog barks. What ever method you use you need to be consistent or it will not work. ---- In addition to the great answer above: A dog parent can also try safe ultrasonic bark control. When your dog barks the ultrasonic bark control unit emits a high frequency sound that only your dog can hear. Each dog bark triggers the bark control unit to emit the sound. The dog will stop barking when he/she hears it. Soon the dog will realize that their barking causes the uncomfortable noise and will stop barking. The ultrasonic bark control is not recommended in a house with cats since they are also able to hear the high frequency sound. There are two types of Safe Ultrasonic Bark Controls: Indoor and Outdoor. The Indoor Bark Control unit sits on any flat surface in your house. The Outdoor Bark Control looks like a Birdhouse and can be placed on any outside tree. The device not only looks great for your outdoor decor but an added benefit is controls not only your dog from barking but also your neighbor's barking dog. The Indoor Bark Control unit can be controlled manually or automatically. Manually means you will press the button when you hear your dog bark. Automatic means the device will emit the sound when it picks up the dog bark. The product is manufactured by a reputable company called Petsafe. ---- I found the Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse or Petsafe Indoor Bark Control unit at the following online pet store. Bark controls are great if you are not always home to correct their behavior: http://www.BargainBuyPetSupply.com/outdoor_bark_control.htm