Why can't I get high off sunshine and balloon farts?

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you see,nobody really knows.
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What if you can't afford the balloon payment?

Answer . Lenders do not want you to default on your mortgage. As with any other mortgage, in the case of the balloon payment, your lender will try to work with you to refinance your mortgage into payments you can handle. If you can't refinance, you may be forced to sell the property (unless the b ( Full Answer )

Why can't a hot air balloon rise higher than it does?

Hot air balloons are limited in altitude because of adiabatic cooling. As you ascend in the atmosphere, the air becomes cooler. This alone would not be able to stop a balloon rising if there were enough fuel to continuously heat the air. However, as the balloon rises, the hot gas inside the balloon ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you can't get someone off your mine?

Talk to them on email, msn, myspace, facebook, or anyother way you can. If you have just broken up with them, you could try and date someone else or you could try and find something that would take your mind of them, like cooking, playing PC games, or just reading books. Different people have ( Full Answer )

How high can a hot air balloon go?

I belive the record is 50,000 feet.The most enjoyable balloon rides are between 1200 feet and 3000 feet.(at least 1000 ft in city areas) some people also say that the Generally, a hot air balloon flies at an altitude of 500 to 1500 feet. The world altitude record for a hot air balloon is 21,027 ( Full Answer )

Why a weather balloon bursts at high altitudes?

As pressure reduces with altitude, there's less and less force pressing on the balloon from outside so the gas inside it expands eventually making it pop. Same can happen to your lungs if you were unlucky to be exposed to vacuum and didn't breath out.

Can Glue Can't Sitck Off?

If you use clag it can stick off sometimes it rips if it dries but somtimes it can acidently.

How high does a balloon rise?

It can range from the stratosphere to the mesosphere, then they will be consumed by pressure and pop

Why does a hot air balloon get off the ground?

because warm gases rise because they are less dense than normal air, so the hot air from the flame is trapped in the balloon thus lifting it off the ground.

Why can't I fart?

If you can't fart, it usually means that there is no gas in the rectum. Gas will usually come later, often near the time you feel the need to defecate. However, if you have not been passing any gas or stool for a few days, you either have severe constipation or an intestinal obstruction (blockage). ( Full Answer )

How high and far can a helium balloon float?

it depends on weither the balloon gets stuck in a tree but the balloon can untimatly decend to at least higher than a plane before it pops from pressure.

Can't get bolt off what do I do?

If the bolt is simply too tight, a longer wrench or extending the wrench with a pipe may help. Penetrating oils like WD40, 3 in 1 oil, Liquid Wrench, or the like are often helpful.. If the bolt is seized/rusted, penetrating oils (as above) are helpful (let sit for a while if possible). Tapping care ( Full Answer )

I can't stop farting what do i do?

First of all kinda wondering how I ended up hear but I guess you could eat less breads and stuff.... eating protens make them hapen less but they smell bad and eating grains make them happen more but they dont smell. even out your eating I mean I never had this problem and I eat tons of fuit a day s ( Full Answer )

Why can't I Ollie as high as I can jump?

When coming into the process of skateboarding when learning your ollie's, it's all about jumping. If you can jump high, but not get your skateboard at the same level something is wrong. In order to ollie as high as you jump, is by lifting your back foot as high as you can, but at the same time try t ( Full Answer )

How high does a balloon go before it pops?

Well, it obviously depends on what type of balloon you have. There are rubber party balloons, mylar party balloons, and hot air balloons. Hot air balloons will not pop since they have holes in them, but I'm going to focus on rubber balloons here. These are very cheap and made with cheap rubber that ( Full Answer )

How high will a helium balloon float?

Toy balloons burst at around 10km, while professional meteorological balloons reach heights of 30km. The ultimate limit is set by Archimedes's Principle, which says balloons will stop rising once their density matches the surrounding air. So there's no chance of balloons entering the vacuum of space ( Full Answer )

What happens to a weather balloon or any balloon that is sent high into the atmosphere?

Once the balloon gets high enough in the atmosphere, the ambient atmospheric pressure becomes very low (say 20mb = 2000Pa). There is a pressure gradient force from the high pressure of the air inside the balloon to the air in the environment outside of the balloon, working across the balloon materia ( Full Answer )

Why can't a plane fly to high?

The wings on a plane are responsible for producing lift, the opposing force to weight. Wings need to be in constant contact with a relative airflow in order to stay aloft. At higher altitudes the density in the air becomes lower and lower. This means that as an aircraft travels higher in the atmosph ( Full Answer )

Why can't I get my mind off of food?

If you are over weight and have a picture of yourself that you really do not like, put it up on the fridge. So everytime you go to eat you have to look at what food has done to you. Trust me it will make you put down that food!

'can't get you off of my mind' in Japanese?

あなたのことを考えるのは止めない => 'Anata no koto wo kangaeru no WA yamenai' [ literal: I can not stop thinking about you.] or あなたはどうしても捨てられない => 'Anata WA ( Full Answer )

Why can't you get high on meth?

You CAN get high on meth. Meth produces a euphoric stimulant high similar to cocaine. In other words, it gives you an incredibly powerful rush of energy -- you can easily stay up for three days straight, or more -- and the indescribable sensation that the whole world is totally perfect and completel ( Full Answer )

How high can a hot air balloon go and why?

20,000ft is a safe distance for a hot air balloon because there is no oxygen at 30,000ft, you can suffer from hypoxia and eventually suffocate. it can go up for ever as long as you have enough fuel to keep it going but at a certain altitude,(like space) there is a lack of oxygen so the ball ( Full Answer )

Why can't you play avatar High?

You can't play Avatar High, because it is either it has moved to a different website, or the website deleted the game.

How can a balloonist control how high his balloon will rise?

The balloonist has three methods of controlling the balloon: a source of hot air, a controlled valve and some ballast. Whenever the balloonist wants to rise the balloon, he/she can use the heat source to increase the temperature of the air inside the balloon, making it less dense, allowing the ba ( Full Answer )

Why balloon burst when it goes high?

This is because there is always the same amount of air inside the balloon, providing the same amount of outwards force. Here on the ground, that outwards force is balanced by the air outside the balloon pushing on it. Higher in the atmosphere, however, there is less air, and therefore less force. Th ( Full Answer )

Why can't you turn your car off?

Car engines have at least 30 gallons of fuel. Truck, Jeep, any car works with 30 gallons. Ask for more.

Where did the first air balloon take off?

As early the 200s AD, Kongming lanterns, (which essentially were miniature lantern/hot air balloons) were used in China for military signaling. However, the first manned hot air balloon flight (which was tethered to the ground), was done by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier in Annonay, F ( Full Answer )

What if there is no SUNSHINE?

Danny Boyle would be slightly less rich. It would be dark. Light bulb sales would increase but solar panelling experts and fitters would probably have a hard time maintaining ample business. Britain would have far better summers.

What Are the lyrics to I Can't take my eyes off of you High School Musical Cast?

Ya never know what you're gonna feel, oh Ya never see it comin' suddenly it's real Oh, never even crossed my mind, no That I would ever end up here tonight All things change When you don't expect them to No one knows What the future's gonna do I never even noticed That you've been there all along ( Full Answer )

Why can't hot air balloons be flown in a rain storm?

The reason is that there is unpredictable wind shear, and strongupdrafts/downdrafts in the proximity of storm clouds. This caneasily send a balloon crashing into the ground, or worse they canbe sucked high into the storm cloud itself, this has killed balloonpilots.

Why can't you fart rainbows?

Tell me more, and start off with: What in the world ever led you to believe that you could ?

How high can a helium balloon fly into the sky?

Gas filled weather balloons go as high as 25 miles. At thataltitude the low pressure makes it difficult to gain additionallift, and causes expansion that typically destroys the balloonitself.

Could a balloon fly off into space?

No. Additional Information: The balloon would easily expand enough to explode long before it left Earth's atmosphere. Then gravity would cause all the debris to fall back to Earth. If the balloon was strong enough and did not explode, even then it would not float into space. Even a very li ( Full Answer )

How do air balloons lift off from the ground?

Balloons filled with Helium rise because Helium is less dense than normal air. Hot air balloons lift off the ground because heat rises, and when the balloon is full of air of a higher temperature than its surroundings, the balloon will rise.

What is sunshine-?

Sunshine is the light that comes to the earth from the sun, themassive star in the center of our solar system around which theearth revolves. The ultra violet light in sunshine is needed forplant and animal life on earth to continue.