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You can shift 3rd to 4th on a steep hill but it is not a good idea because you will loose power/speed and could even start to roll backward and stall the engine. 4th gear is designed for level road driving at higher speeds. 3rd is for stepper hills or getting to sufficient speed so to shift to 4th. 2nd gear is for steeper hills and so on.

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Q: Why can't you downshift into third from fourth gear when going up a steep grade?
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What should you do when driving up a steep grade in a car with standard transmission?

Downshift a gear until you have sufficient power without overevving engine.

What should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with standard?

Downshift to the next lower gear. If it is very steep, go down another gear. Make sure you don't over-rev the engine though.

How do you stop your Honda trx 250 from stalling on a steep hill?


Why shifting D to D2?

When going down a steep grade especially if you are pulling a load.

What should you do when going down a steep grade in a heary vehicle?

Shift down in to a lower gear.

When should you downshift an automatic transmission?

When climbing a steep incline. The automatic transmission will always try to engage a high gear.

Does steep means going higher or lower?

steep means you are going higher

What is the name of a very steep or vertical slope?


What should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with standard trasmission?

You should change down to a lower gear, 3rd gear or if the grade is very steep 2nd gear.

As you approach a steep uphill grade in the mountains .?

select a lower gear

When driving a automatic transmission commercial vehicle when should you downshift?

The purpose of the automatic transmission is that is shifts for you. You'll want to lock your transmission into your ideal gear for going up and down steep inclines to prevent it from downshifting, but, other than that, you typically let the computer do the shifting for you.

Own a 1990 Buick Le Sabbre should you drive in over drive or drive?

Always use overdrive except when towing or going down a steep grade.

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