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You can shift 3rd to 4th on a steep hill but it is not a good idea because you will loose power/speed and could even start to roll backward and stall the engine. 4th gear is designed for level road driving at higher speeds. 3rd is for stepper hills or getting to sufficient speed so to shift to 4th. 2nd gear is for steeper hills and so on.

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What should you do when going down a steep grade in a heavy vehicle?

what should you do when going down a steep grade in a heavy vehicle?

What should you do when driving up a steep grade in a car with standard transmission?

Downshift a gear until you have sufficient power without overevving engine.

What should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with standard?

Downshift to the next lower gear. If it is very steep, go down another gear. Make sure you don't over-rev the engine though.

Why shifting D to D2?

When going down a steep grade especially if you are pulling a load.

What should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with standard trasmission?

You should change down to a lower gear, 3rd gear or if the grade is very steep 2nd gear.

When driving a automatic transmission commercial vehicle when should you downshift?

The purpose of the automatic transmission is that is shifts for you. You'll want to lock your transmission into your ideal gear for going up and down steep inclines to prevent it from downshifting, but, other than that, you typically let the computer do the shifting for you.

Own a 1990 Buick Le Sabbre should you drive in over drive or drive?

Always use overdrive except when towing or going down a steep grade.

Just bought a 2000 corvette and it slowely rolls on a steep grade when in first gear the compression is between 170-180 psi and the clutch is holding firm so is this normal for a ls1 6 speed?

If the motor is turning over as the car decends A STEEP GRADE it is normal. If the motor is not turning as the car decends a steep grade then your clutch is not holding.

How can I fix a 2004 Sebring seat belt that will not pull out when car is on a sharp grade?

Depending on how steep of a grade, it may be normal operation. The seat belts use a swinging weight in them to lock during an accident. If the grade is steep enough, the weight may be in the locked position.

How does wind behave when it meets a steep slope?

When wind meets a steep slope, it goes up and keeps on going.

How steep is the summit on the coquihalla hwy?

8-11% Grade from the Snow Shed to the Coquihalla Summit

Can the word grade be a pronoun?

No, the word grade is a noun (grade, grades) and a verb (grade, grades, grading, graded). The word grade cannot be a pronoun.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the noun grade is it. Examples:My grade in math has improved, it will please mother.You can make it up the grade, it's not too steep.

How steep is the Monongahela incline?

The Monongahela incline has a height of 400 feet, a length of 793 feet and a grade of 58%.

Why is the engine stall when you accelerate?

going up a very steep bend i stalled

What slows down cars and bicycles?

Going up long, steep grades.

Where is off button for overdrive in Hyundai atlantra?

I own a 2000 and it's on the gearshift. I honestly can't think of a time that you would want to turn it off...possibly going down a long steep grade and then it wouldn't be that much help.

Why would a 2000 corvette 6 speed turn slowly on a steep grade in first gear with 170-180 psi compression and the clutch is holding firm?

The parking brake on the C5 Vetts are a weak spot in the car. I hope you are at least using the parking brake when parking on a steep grade!

What should you do when going down a steep grade in heavy vehicle?

You should brake at the top of the hill and slow down to a speed where you can change down to the next lowest gear. Anticipation is most important, as you may need to change down again to the next lowest gear. Engine braking helps to prevent overheating the brakes, and also assists vehicle stability on steep hills.

If you climbed up the steep side of sand dune is it likely tht you traveled in the directions the wind was blowing?

The steep face of a mobile sand dune is in the lee of the prevailing wind. Therefore, to climb the steep face you would be going against the prevailing wind.

What does Hold AT button do?

It is for going up steep hills and 4 wheel drive, it locks the tramission into a gear in order to stop it shifting down on a steep climb and stressing the gearbox/Engine

What is a four letter word meaning 'steep'?

Steep as a verb: dunk, soak.Steep as an adjective: high, bold.

When driving uphill what do gravitational forces do to your vehicle?

Going uphill, the vehicle engine is under stress while also being part of the weight holding the car back. In old cars pre-1970s, we often had to downshift into low to just maintain any amount of speed to get up a steep hill. Today's automatic engines do the auto shifting much easier than in older auto transmissions.

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