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Alligators can't stay in salt water long, their bodies cannot get rid of the salt as easily as a crocodile.

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Does alligators live in fresh water or salt water?

salt water

Do alligators live in salt water?

salt water crocodiles do, and can go from fresh to salt water at will.

Can alligators live in saltwater?

Like Crocodiles, Alligators have salt glands. However, unlike crocodiles, these are not active, and so the alligator can perhaps only stay in salt water for a few hours at the MOST. Crocodiles are more adapted to life in the ocean than alligators, because their salt glands work :)

Do sharks eat alligators?

No. Alligators live in fresh water, sharks live in salt water.

Who likes to be in the water more crocodiles or alligators?

It depends! Alligators like fresh water and Crocodiles like salt water!

Do alligators live in fresh water or salt water?

dirty water

What kind of water do crocodiles and alligators live in?


Do alligators spend most of their time in the salt water?


Do American Alligators live in Salt water or Fresh water?

Fresh water.

Do white alligators live in salt water?

No. Crocodiles are known to inhabit the salt waters

Are there salt water alligators in the gulf of Mexico?

It is a rare occurrence but yes alligators have been spotted at beaches.

Do alligators stay out of water in hibernation?

Yes they stay in caves until spring

Do crocodiles have a limited time in salt water like alligators?


Does a alligators spin most of their time in the salt water?

Do you mean spend and no it does not

Do salt water alligators live on their own?

Yes, they are solitary creatures.

How do alligators stay under water for so long?

they have spechial nostrils

How long can alligators stay out of water?

As long as they want, really. But a gator won't stay out of the water for longer than 24 hours.

What continent has alligators and crocodiles?

There are only two known species of alligator, so only two continents have both alligators and crocodiles, North America and Asia.American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) and salt water crocodiles are both found in Florida, USA.Chinese Alligators (Alligator sinensis) and salt water crocodiles are found in Eastern China.

How can you prevent hair getting damaged from salt water?

Stay out of salt water!

What are the American alligators habitat?

American alligators live in swamps, marshes, and slowmoving freshwater rivers. They can only stand salt water for a short time.

Do alligators swim in salt water or fresh water?

The alligator is an animal of freshwater swamps, marshes, and lakes, rivers. They may enter brackish water from time to time, but rarely salt water.

Why the salt will stay in the container when the water evaporates?

Salt is not evaporated with water and remain as a residue.

Are there alligators in Hawaii?

there are different types of animals in Hawaii but i don't really know about alligators there might be some salt water gators. i searched and there are no gators in Hawaii

When the water evaporates why does the salt water stay behind?

The salt water become more concentrated in salts.

Would a shark or an alligator win in a fight?

Alligators are fresh water animals, sharks (with a few exceptions) are salt water. Crocodiles are salt water animals, and they probably eat as many sharks as sharks eat crocodiles. ~ All a shark would have to do is bite the Alligators stomach when it goes for air

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