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When a mass(the magnet)

falling with the potential energy of inertia strikes the ground,

the Newtonian equal and opposite reaction occurs

sending that potential energy backward through the mass(the magnet)

as a kinetic shock wave that disrupts the...

Ionic polarity? Subatomic spin?

Oscillating relationships within the crystal lattice?

Somebody help me here...

An Iron bar rubbed in one direction with a magnet of any direction

yields an Iron bar magnet of one direction.

The direction you rub the magnet will be north

and somehow all the atoms of the Iron lean that way.

Here's the thing: The force of the shock wave is greater than

the force of the magnetic alignment.

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What causes a magnet to loose its magnetism?

If you heat a magnet, it looses its magnetism.

Why droping a magnet is bad?

If you drop a magnet, you can potentially make it lose some of its magnetism. Striking it with a hammer, exposing it to electric charges, and extreme temperature changes (rapid temperature change from freezing to boiling for example) can affect its magnetism.

What type of magnetism is present in a bar magnet?

The known magnetism in a bar magnet is electromagnetism.

Can a magnet loose its magnetism?

Yes, if you: -drop it many times -hammer it many times -heat it over a flame

Does a magnet lose its magnetism when put in water?

No, but striking a magnet or heating it may diminish its magnetism.

What causes a magnet to loose it's magnetism?

high temperature, AC magnetic fields, mechanical shocks, and physical distortion.

What propeties do a magnet have?


Why is a piece of iron attracted by other pole of a magnet?

The answer is induced magnetism. The magnet induces some magnetism in the iron.

A magnet that keeps its magnetism?

A permanent magnet (in contrast to an electromagnet).

What is a magnet that retains its magnetism?

We generally refer to this as a permanent magnet.

Does putting a magnet in the water for 60 minutes make the magnet lose its magnetism?

No it wont but if the water is hot then it will lose its magnetism

Can dropping a magnet destroy its magnetism?


What type of magnet has iron in it?


What is the suffix of the word magnet?


The earth is a big what in magnetism?


A magnet made of a material that keeps its magnetism is called?

Permanet Magnet

What is a magnet that does not keep its magnetism very long?

This would be a temporary magnet.

Why each side of a magnet cannot have two poles?

Because the magnetism runs from one end of the magnet to the other - across the whole magnet. You cannot have magnetism running in opposing directions in the SAME magnet.

How to cause a magnet to lost its magnetic power?

A magnet can lose its magnetism if exposed to high temperatures. If heated above the point called the Curie temperature, a magnet will lose its magnetism.

Is magnetism a invisible force?

You may be wondering, what does it mean that magnetism is "an invisible force".Well, magnetism is an invisible force because the magnet reaches out and when it does, there is a magnetic field around it so the magnet does not need to be touching another magnet to pull or push it.

How is an electro magnet different from a bar magnet?

So long the current flows through the magnetism would exist. If current is off then magnetism disappears. So temporary magnet But bar magnet is a permanent one.

What is the difference between permanent pole and temporary pole?

a Temporary Magnet lose its magnetism quickly, a Permanent Magnet is hard and it keeps it magnetism

How could heating a bar magnet reduce its magnetism?

Heating a bar magnet could reduce its magnetism because the heat, by raising the energy level in the metal, disorients the atoms, which disrupts the magnetism.

How can a magnetism be lost?

If you drop the magnet. Once my science teacher dropped his in the middle of the lesson. Bye - bye magnetism... And if you hold it to long with the similar side of the magnet..Again bye - bye magnetism...

What happens when a magnet is heated?

If a magnet is heated to a high temperature it will lose its magnetism.

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