Guinea Pigs

Why can pigs have so many babies?

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When do pigs have babies?

pigs are constantly horny and the women pigs are always ovulating. so this means that pigs always have babies, every 25 seconds.

Why do guniea pigs have babies?

Well, why do humans have babies? so that there are more of us!

How many times a year do pigs have babies?


How many babies do pigs have when they are pregnant?

i think about 6

Can a animal die if they have to many babies?

It depends upon the animals.. For example spider gives birth and die but pigs gives birth of too many babies but still alive. It is not necessary dat animal die after give birth of so many babies

Do you have to separate baby pigs from their dad?

Yes. Dad guinea pigs can fight with the babies so you don't want to risk it.

Why are baby pigs so cute?

Because it is a baby, babies are always cute.

How often do pigs have a litter?

Female pigs have babies about 4 months after they have mated with a male pig after the babies are full grown the mother and the father pig can have as many litters as they want.

How many babies can a guinea pig have at one time?

guinea pigs can give birth to 2 to 6 babies.

How many guinea pigs will your guinea pig have second time?

usually guinea pigs have litters of 1-4 babies

How many babies do guinea pigs mostly have?

Guinea pigs can have anything from 1 - 8 babies. Although I have found 2-4 pups being the most common amount in my sows.

How many babies do guinea pigs have in one litter?

an average of 2 to 6.

How many babies do pigs have at once?

What kind of pig? Every breed is different.

Mini pigs have how many babies?

They can have between two and ten piglets in a litter

Do other guinea pigs eat the mothers babies?

Guinea pigs are vegetarian so no.

Do guinea pigs bleed before having babies?

i don't think that guinea pigs bleed before having babies.

Do male guinea pigs have to be separated from their babies?

No,some male guinea pigs actually help clean and care for babies

Are other female guinea pigs ok in the cage with guinea pig babies and the mother?

I would not recommend it. Just have the Mother Guinea Pig in with her babies separately. Sometimes the other guinea pigs can get excited and accidentally stomp the babies to death so best to keep Mom & babies separate.

In pigs what is it called when they have young?

When pigs deliver their babies, it is called "farrowing".

How many babies can a guinea pig give birth to at once?

Well I'm not too sure about the answer but i have pet guinea pigs and so far they have had 3-8 babies at one time. Hope this helps! :)

How many babies are born when pigs mate?

Avg. piglets per litter is 9.5

How many times do guinea pigs have babies A YEAR?

Max 5 - usually 3

How many months do female guinea pigs carry their babies?

63-72 days

How many young can the female have at one time guinea pigs?

2 to 6 babies.

How do male guinea pigs harm his babies?

they will bit them so you should always keep them separate.

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