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Why can you be in a swimming-pool?


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Swimming is the best exercise because it's a total body workout.

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Yes in the 4-star / 5-star hotels.

chlorine is used in swimmingpool to kill the virus &bacteria presnt in the water.

there can be hot tubs in back of the limo's but there isn't usally swimming pools

36 feet equates to about 10.972 meters.

Anything below 18oC (65oF).This is independent from water, unless you're in an underwater swimmingpool livingroom.

I would replace it every few days, for a normal small pool in back yard. If you have a large in ground pool, you need not change it but every few weeks. As long as you use the proper chemicals.

On a saline swimmingpool system, everything that comes into direct contact with the water really ought to be titanium. Anything other will quickly errode, and need replacing. If the system isn't using salt water, then titanium isn't entirely necessary, something less expensive is sufficient.

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One question would be how is salt water coming into contact with the brick wall? Whether it's salt water, or tap water doesn't really matter. Any brick wall in constant contact with a water source of any kind will deteriorate as the water degrades the mortar. The fact that it might be salt water might degrade the mortar holding the bricks together faster. Bricks are " fired " - they have an outer skin that is more like porcelain that protects it's core. Sand blasted bricks that have lost this outer layer deteriorate faster. Adobe bricks are often not fired, but sun dried, and tend to come apart faster in weather than do fired bricks. Mortar has no such coating or skin. It can be sealed against the weather to keep water out and extend it's life. Or the entire wall can be coated with a cellar sealer of some sort. Another factor is whether the wall is in the sun or not as the sun can cause sealers to degrade faster. The wall's placement in the sun needs to be considered when choosing a sealer. So - to protect a brick wall from water, it should have the mortar sealed against water, or the entire wall can be painted effectively sealing the mortar. The top of the wall should have a "cap" out of some water resistant material such as marble. On a typical house, the " cap " is the roof overhang and gutters which prevent water from touching the bricks and mortar. Property boundary walls typically have cap-stones cut in such a way to prevent the water from getting into the wall and damaging the mortar. Also, in colder climates, a factor is water getting into the mortar and freezing, expanding, and spreading the mortar & bricks apart.

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