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you can get access to it, but probably you can't now because you haven't beat rayquaza and rolled the credits, after that, buried relic will appear, slightly, as you do other rescue missions, and other places appear only after CREDITS like Ho-Oh, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi, Mew(wich is in the buried relic) Entei, suicune Raikou, latios, latias and much more

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How do you get silver trench in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

all you have to do is clear stormy sea and pitfall valley then be freinds with the three legendry birds then talk to alakazam then you gain acces to silver trench

On Pokemon dungeon what is in the new shop?

The new shop( spindas Cafe/ the recycling place), is located at the crossroads. You get acces to it as you progress through the game:)

Why can you not get acces to buried relics in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

this is from my red & blue rescue strategey book so PAY ATTENTION event # 1 tales of the stormy sea > when you load your game after watching the ending.your new quest will begin with an event at whiscash's pond learn about the evolution process then head to the exit to your home base there your partner will stop you and ask if it's a GOOD IDEA the other Pokemon BECOME LEADERS say YES & boom the deal is done but not yet your partner is still following you you & your partner must do 1 LAST MISSION TOGETHER once that's done you'll be alone able 2 evolve..veronica

How do you get the dungeon Stormy sea in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

1. talk to wiscash and get "dive" 2. acces stormy seas (after beating rayquaza and talking to medicham, then lombre) 3. if you lose "dive", go to solar cave and get a new one (key rome after every 5 floors, and you will need a Pokemon that can walk on water) 4. good luck ! stormy sea is 40 floors

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what difficulty poeple have to acces to national health dentist(NHS)

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How do you get the past to go to island 8 and 9 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

By getting the Mystic Ticket (Acces to Navel rock for Lugia and Ho-oh, Island 8) or Aurora Ticket (Acces to Birth Island for Deoxys, Island 9), both are found at various Nintendo Events. After this you can mix records or use mystery gift to get this from friends or give it to them.

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Acces to water transportation

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how i acces the spare tyre on peugeot 308

How do you meet Ho-oh in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

at a time a spinda will walk into Pokemon square talk to it and you get an item and access to fiery field at the end kill eintei he Will color the item red then you gain access to lightning field at the end kill raikou he will color your item yellow-red stripes then you gain to acces to northwind field at the end kill suicune he will give your item a rainbow color and you will gain access to mt faraway on 40f you'll meet ho-oh