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Why can you take the key out of a 1996 Thunderbird LX while the engine is still running?


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2006-02-24 18:03:56
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the tumbler is broken..the slit it goes into. the key ignition is messed up.


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If the engine is running and the alternator is good. If the engine is not running, no.

A coolant leak while the engine is running is likely in the water return hoses. The vehicle can be standing still and in park, but with the engine running the fluids are still being pushed through the system to keep the engine cool. The water return lines generally run from the top left of the radiator when you are standing at the front of the car looking at the engine. Any leak in that system will likely not continue once the engine is stopped as the fluid no longer is pushed through the system.

Get engine running. While the engine is running disconect the POSITIVE termninal from the battery. If the engine dies, the Alterntor is bad.

The alternator - it provides a charge to the battery while the engine is running.

It can be a leaking injector that floods the engine when it isn't running. GoodluckJoe They asked about a problem that occurs AFTER it's been running a while...not after it's been sitting, with a pressurized Fuel line.

Is the engine running ? no

engine is running lean while eccelerating

Yes (, just be sure the engine is not running) .

You can connect most external UBS, firewire, and eSATA drives while the computer is still running.

If the check engine light is flashing with the engine running , that means a spark plug misfire has been detected

Oil sputter is going to be a normal thing if the oil cap is not on while the engine is running. The engine should never be run with the oil cap open. The engine actually has less compression when the oil cap is open, and this could hurt the engine.

you probally have a ground wire off

The engine will have a distinct "Knock" while running.

Generally when the engine is hot or the AC is on.

Yes, and disconnecting the battery while the engine is running can severely damage the computers

while running jump keep running jump still running jump then you will do a flip.

Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

water in the oil, oil in the water, smoking while running, over filled oil with a weird color

Cooling fan may not be working as it should. If it is not coming on either the fan is defective, fuse is blown, or the thermal sensor is bad. If it is running and the engine is still overheating the radiator may be partially clogged.

I believe that is caused by a plugged PCV valve or PCV hose

If you are parked with the motor running, engage the parking/emergency brake. Turn the ignition off and restart the engine. The daytime running lights should not be on.

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