Why cannot aircraft fly in space?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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An aircraft is designed to fly in 'air' there is no 'air' in space.

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Q: Why cannot aircraft fly in space?
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What is the furthest a manned aircraft has been in space?

Manned aircraft do not (and cannot) go into space. The clue is in the name aircraft - they rely on aerodynamics (therefore an atmosphere) in order to fly.

What is the difference between an aircraft and a spacecraft?

Aircraft fly through air and spacecraft fly in space.

If aircraft fly in space why not aeroplanes?

Only specialized aircraft fly in space - airplanes are not pressurized or shielded the way rockets and the space shuttle are, so they can't go into space.

What is half a jumbo jet?

An aircraft that cannot fly.

Can a plane fly with one wing?

>No it cannot fly with one wing. UNLESS the aircraft's body actually produces sufficient lift, such as a "flying wing" aircraft

Is the flight of aircraft made possible by engine and wings?

They are an important part of the aircraft that makes it fly. There are many other parts without which the airplane cannot fly.

What is the first aircraft to visit Mercury?

Since aircraft do not, and in fact cannot, go into space then it should be obvious that no aircraft has ever been to Mercury, as yet.

How do the pilots practice piloting the space capsule before they go into space?

They fly real aircraft and gliders, as well as practising in simulators.

Why cannot a jet aircraft fly in outer space?

The air is too thin. You need a rocket and speed to defeat thin air. The edge of space is 65 miles up. The X series plane went to the edge of space and it's the only aircraft that reached the edge of space. I'm sorry, but the SR-71 can't get close to space. 80k feet isn't close to the edge of space. 375k feet is closer to the edge of space.

Where is air craft in airport of gta vice city?

There are aesthetic aircraft in the airport.You cannot fly them.

What does a space plane do?

A spaceplane is a vehicle that can fly and glide like an aircraft in Earth's atmosphere and maneuver like a spacecraft in outer space. To do so, spaceplanes must incorporate features of both aircraft and spacecraft.

How space aircraft work?

well when they lift off they have this mass of fire expolding the ground which it makes it fly.