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If pure bromine is contacted with sulfuric acid, the only possible source of bromine atoms for a potential chemical product is the original bromine itself; the sulfuric acid does not contain any bromine atoms and therefore can not supply any additional atoms to make more bromine.

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What occurs when copper reacts with dilute sulphuric acid?

in my point of view cooper does not react with sulphuric acid unless the sulphuric acid is not diluted. it is because diluted sulphuric acid has tendency to give more h+ ions.

How do you clean up strong acid spillages eg sulphuric acid?

Strong acids like Sulphuric acid are corrosive and have affinity for moisture with the hydrogen ion displaced to give a pungent odor.Acids react with bases such as hydroxide ion and Ammonia to give salt and neutralise the acid.Alkalis like sodium hydroxide can be used to neutralise the acid and clean up the spillage.

What type of reaction takes place when sulphuric acid added to barium chloride?

acids and bases always react to give a salt and some water.

Why sulphuric acd is dibasic acid?

sulphuric acd is dibasic acid.It is because it can give two hydrogens which makes it dibasic acid.

Describe how you would make potassium sulphate from potassium hydroxide and sulfuric acid?

Potassium hydroxide will react with sulphuric acid to give potassium sulphate and water. H2SO4 + 2KOH --> K2SO4 + 2H2O

What two reactants give the product Hydrogen gas?

Any metal (above hydrogen in electrochemical series) as Zinc and any acid as dilute sulphuric acid when react together they form a salt and Hydrogen gas.

Do alkanes react with sulphuric acid?

Alkenes react with concentrated sulphuric acid in the cold to produce alkyl hydrogensulphates. Ethene reacts to give ethyl hydrogensulphate. CH2=CH2 + H2SO4 --> CH3CH2OSO2OH The structure of the product molecule is sometimes written as CH3CH2HSO4, but the version in the equation is better because it shows how all the atoms are linked up. You may also find it written as CH3CH2OSO3H.

Give an example of an diprotic acid?

The most common diprotic acid is sulphuric acid; H2SO4(aq) as this has 2 H+ to donate.

Zinc sulphate can be made in a reaction between and an acid give the name of the acid?

Add zinc metal to aqueous sulphuric acid to produce zinc sulphate and give out hydrogen gas.

What was the name of this formula h2s2o7?

it is called either Pyrosulfuric Acid or Disulfuric Acid or oleam. Even though you can make sulphuric acid by combining SO3 and H20,the process is extremely dangerous.thus, SO3 is first mixed with previously made sulphuric acid. The chemical process isSO3 + H2SO4 -> H2S2O7This H2S2O7 (oleam) is diluted in water to give sulphuric acid.

Why dilute sulphuric acid is a better conductor than concentrated sulphuric acid?

Because dilute means that it is dissolved in water, and when an acid is dissolved in water, it ionizes, to give H+ and (X-) ions which are more capable of conducting electric current.

Why is sulphuric acid used in molisch test?

sulphuric acid acts as a dehydrating agent.all carbohydrates are dehydrated to give dehydration products. For example, pentoses give furfural as dehydration product where as hexoses give 5-hydroxy furfural.. these are attacked by 1-napthol to give a purple coloured condensation product...

What will happen when sulphuric acid is added to lime water?

Sulphuric acid will react with calcium hydroxide(lime water) to give calcium sulphate. Initially slightly white turbidity may be seen but then the turbidity dissolves and calcium sulphate solution is obtained. Heat is released and temperature of solution rises. Note - Lime water is saturated solution of calcium hydroxide.

Doeds acid and metal react to give off oxygen?

No. acids and metals react to give off hydrogen.

What does lead sulphuric acid make?

Lead reacts very slowly with dilute sulphuric acid to give lead sulphate and hydrogen gas.Pb(s) + H2SO4 (aq) -> PbSO4(aq) + H2(g)

What do you get if you mix sodium hydroxide with sulphuric acid?

As sodium hydroxide is an alkaline and sulphuric acid is an acid; mixing the two will give a neutral substance. Just like water is neautral with a Ph balance of 7, the solution will then become neutral and balanced. Mixing any two acid and alkali together will give a neutral substance along with water.

Will zinc sulfate react with Hydrochloric acid?

zinc sulfate will react with hydrochloric acid to give zinc chloride and sulpher dioxide

How do you manufacture sulphuric acid?

Sulphuric acid is manufactured by CONTACT PROCESS which is a three step process. These are:Burning of sulphur or sulphide ores in air to generate SO2.Conversion of SO2 into SO3 by catalytic oxidation in presence of Vanadium Pentaoxide as catalyst.Absorption of SO3 in H2SO4 to give oleum(H2S2O7).Dilution of oleum gives the desired concentration of sulphuric acid.The sulphuric acid produced by Contact process is upto 96-98% pure.

Do all metals react with hydrochloric acid to give hydrogen gas?

No, inert metals as Gold, Platinum and Palladium do not react with hydrochloric acid.

Does copper react with anything?

If a copper is clean it doesn't react to acid, unless precisely if the acid is also an oxidising agent.It happens because copper is below hydrogen in the activities series. (will notice that this is not really an explanation, just an impressive way of saying that copper is not reactive enough to react with acids.) if any reason the copper surface has been oxidised, the copper oxide will dissolve in acid that's the only time it will react to acid. If the acid is strongly oxidising, the copper can dissolve to make a solution of the copper salt. For example, copper dissolves in concentrated nitric acid to give you nitrogen oxides and copper nitrate in solution, and also in hot concentrated sulphuric acid to give you sulphur dioxide and copper hydrogen-sulphate in solution.

What masses of ethanol and ethanoic acid would need to react together to give 1g of ethyl ethanoate?

0.52g of ethanol and 0.72g of ethanoic acid react to give 1g of ethyl ethanoate.

How would you prove that sulfuric acid does not act as a reactant in the reaction between salicylic acid and acetic anhydride?

Because Salicylic Acid reacts with Acetic Anhydride in the presence of H2SO4 and CH3COOH to give Aspirin. The sulphuric acid does not react. If you measure the volume/weight of the acid before the reaction and after the reaction, there will be no change. Note:-You can also use Acetyl Chloride in the presence of phosphoric acid instead on Acetic Anhydride.

What is the condensation reaction between acetic acid and ethanol?

Acetic acid reacts with ethanol to give ethyl acetate. If this reaction is carried out in presence of a mineral acid, usually sulphuric acid, as catalyst, then it is known as Fischer esterification.

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